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Hello, I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here that is currently waiting to get an acceptance letter to Bristol Community College's Nursing Program for Fall 2012?... Read More

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    Thank you for taking the time to post all that information! It was really helpful. I do have a question about Textbooks....Do you know if it's ok to use the previous edition?

    Thanks again!

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    There is a lot of reading and some test questions are taken right from the book. Plus it would be difficult to constantly have to go and search what chapters match from the old to the new book. If they use the same thing as last year they actually have the main books in a bundle that contains a text book, lab book, and dvds, youll need all of them. I would say for the main text and refernce books (dictionary, drug book, pharmacy text, lab book, and nurse diagnosis book) buy new. Plus new books sometimes come with online codes so you can access the text anywhere. If they still require a nutrition book, and dosage and calc book I would buy and old edition. And if they still require a study guide to go with the pharmacy text I would just not buy that at all. I spent thirty bucks and didnt open it once. They will probably require another set of med surg text books, buy them new too because they carry over to year two and if you buy them used they will be really old buy the second year. Tuck this away for the future: If you start lab and they still ask you guys to print off proceedure checklists (they come on the text book CD), you might want to invest $25 on a pre printed book that contains all of these. I would also recomend RN pocket notes and a pocket size nursing diagnosis handbook for when clinical starts, they arenet needed, but come in handy. I hope all of this is helpful, just keep in mind I have no idea how much they change things from year to year, this is all based on my experience.
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    Hey Redpanda,
    I was wondering if you could tell us what to expect like class and schedule what day do you have lecture and lab and clinicals and things like that, are you broken up into different groups and things like that?...sorry if it's a dumb question
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    Not a dumb question at all For me, the first week we went to lecture all day on Tue after Labor day from 8-2:30 and did the same on Wed. On week two we went to lecture on Mon from 8-12 (Lecture stays this way the rest of the semester) and had lab two days for six hours each day. There are 72 students who get split into three lab groups of 24. each of the three groups have different days and times. each lab group is further broken down into 3 clinical groups of 8. You'll stay with these 8 students the whole semester and go to your clinical site with them and your assigned clinical instructor, your clinical instructor will also stay the same for the whole semester. All 72 go to lecture together and the instructors take turns lecturing. Starting week three we did lecture on Mon and had one day of lab and one day of clinical six hours each. this stayed the same until about early November and then you go to clinical twice and no more lab. Once you get your assigned days they stay the same the whole semester. For example I always had lab on Tue from 8-2:30 and clinical on wed from 7-1. But all of the clinical groups had different days and times, and unfortunately we didn’t get assigned until that first week of class! But hopefully they will get it out sooner this time.
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    Wow, so it sounds like we will be very busy. Thank you for the information.
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    Yes, you'll be busy alright. Make an effort to enjoy the summer lol
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    Congratulations to everyone accepted into the BCC nursing program! I'm new to this website and just found this page. I wish I had found it while I too was climbing the walls and running to the mailbox everyday! I couldn't help but laugh reading all the posts expressing the nervousness and anticipation everyone was feeling, and I thought I was the only one going through it! lol. I'm sure this site will be a great resource, now that I've found it. Again, congratulations, I hope to meet some of you in the program.
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    lol Trust me Nurs2014, you definitely were not the only person freaking out. Congratulations on your acceptance. Did you get into the fall river or new bedford one? kind of bummed that we didnt receive our packets this week..
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    Congrats nurs2014! On Friday, the office said they were going out tomorrow - we shall see!! I know they said orientation is either end of April or first week in May.
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    I'll be in Fall River! I'd love to get those packets, I need some concrete information. I have heard several things that I cannot find in the catalog or on the accessBCC website. Has anyone heard whether we have clinicals during the summer months (between semesters 2 & 3)? I was told by another student that clinicals run during holiday breaks (not a big deal), and also summer months. I've never heard of any nursing student doing clinicals during the summer, is that new, or is she misinformed? Also, someone told me there is a 'reading' list for the summer, but the posts I've read all say to enjoy the summer because the semester starts with a bang! I hope the packet will answer some of these questions. I'm really looking forward to starting this fall; I can't wait to register for classes and meet the people I'll be learning with for the next two years! I hope to meet a few people at orientation, so that I know some friendly faces in September!

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