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Hello, I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here that is currently waiting to get an acceptance letter to Bristol Community College's Nursing Program for Fall 2012?... Read More

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    I went and paid my deposit at student accounts this morning...its really official now...i thought it was funny how in our acceptance said "pay by immediately"...there was no cut off date lol

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    Congrats everyone!!! I got my letter Saturday. I was really excited over the weekend and now....not so much, lol. I'm freaking out a little bit. Anyone else a little nervous? scared? terrified even?
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    I do actually. Have you gotten yours? I remember reading that we have to have one prior to starting the program. Does anyone know how long it takes to get one?
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    im more anxious than nervous...i just want to get started...i am not sure how long it takes to come in but i was thinking of taking it in early august, i don't think that it would take more than a month to come in.
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    I need to take a CPR class. I think i'm going to wait until the end of July. Does anyone know when the welcome packages are going to go out? And possibly a book list?
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    I'm assuming the packets will go out once they get back the deposit and the slips to know who has accepted and who hasn't. I'm surprised they didn't put a deadline on there just so people knew exactly when they needed to have everything in and if they didn't then they would move onto the waiting list.
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    i thought the same just said to pay by immediately
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    Anyone can determine for themselves what "immediately" means depending on their financial situations. Im sure people will opt to get it in as soon as they possibly can to hold their slots. And the school must start calling people of they haven't received within a certain time frame.
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    I paid my deposit over the phone. It shouldn't matter that I didn't have that reciept right? I have an invoice # and confirmation through my bank. It sounds so silly but I'm nervous about it! Anyone know if I can check to make sure it gets through to the right department? I called student accounts and paid through them.

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