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Hello, I was just wondering if there is anyone else on here that is currently waiting to get an acceptance letter to Bristol Community College's Nursing Program for Fall 2012?... Read More

  1. by   KB87
    lol Trust me Nurs2014, you definitely were not the only person freaking out. Congratulations on your acceptance. Did you get into the fall river or new bedford one? kind of bummed that we didnt receive our packets this week..
  2. by   cmac0531
    Congrats nurs2014! On Friday, the office said they were going out tomorrow - we shall see!! I know they said orientation is either end of April or first week in May.
  3. by   nurs2014
    I'll be in Fall River! I'd love to get those packets, I need some concrete information. I have heard several things that I cannot find in the catalog or on the accessBCC website. Has anyone heard whether we have clinicals during the summer months (between semesters 2 & 3)? I was told by another student that clinicals run during holiday breaks (not a big deal), and also summer months. I've never heard of any nursing student doing clinicals during the summer, is that new, or is she misinformed? Also, someone told me there is a 'reading' list for the summer, but the posts I've read all say to enjoy the summer because the semester starts with a bang! I hope the packet will answer some of these questions. I'm really looking forward to starting this fall; I can't wait to register for classes and meet the people I'll be learning with for the next two years! I hope to meet a few people at orientation, so that I know some friendly faces in September!
  4. by   cmac0531
    Hi nurs2014-There is a reading list that they'll give you during the summer/winter break and while it's not mandatory reading it's definitely recommended. And there aren't clinicals on holiday breaks or during the summer. We will definitely have to meet at orientation.If anyone is on Facebook, let me know and I'll set up a private page so we can chat via there especially when we are in class and may have any questions.
  5. by   nurs2014
    I'm on facebook, but I don't have a smart phone (so no checking status' during class, lol), I do however text like it's my job! I will definitely read everything they suggest, I really want to do well in this program. Since all of us worked our butts off to get into this program, why shouldn't we read the material early? It will only help.
  6. by   KB87
    I havent heard of doing clinicals in the summer so im not sure how accurate that is. I dont have facebook but i can definitely sign up for something like that.
  7. by   jaytre
    Congrats nurs2014!!!

    I wall also accepted to the Nursing Program in Fall River.

    @cmac0531.....I think the Facebook thing is an awesome idea!!! I'm on facebook( Liz Pavao-De Pina) I think we will all have to brainstorm at some point to make it in this program. Besides, I think it would be comforting to see a few familiar faces at orientation.
  8. by   cmac0531
    Hi everyone! I just created a Facebook page. It's closed so only people who are members will be able to see the posts. To join, click Ask to Join Group at the upper right side of the page. The Facebook page is BCC Nursing Program Class of 2014

    If you do a search under that name, the group page should appear.

    Jaytre, if you can try to search FB and request to be added to the page, that would be great! I'd like to make sure it works too

    Keeping fingers crossed that the packets come today!!! If I get mine, I'll let you know. My mail doesn't usually come til later in the afternoon.

  9. by   jaytre
    Awesome!!! All I had to do was click on the link in your post and it automatically brought me to the page!!! GOOD JOB!
  10. by   jaytre
    I'll check in throughout the day to see if any of you have gotten your packets. I work all day and have a class tonight so I wont make it home until the evening.
  11. by   lknight06
    I just asked to join the group too! I hope I can find someone else taking the online version with me! I haven't gotten my packet yet though! Maybe my orientation won't even be in person! Who knows! I'll keep you guys posted!
  12. by   jaytre
    @ lknight06 ...i'm sure some of the online students will join our group. i think i have read some posts here from some students enrolled in the online courses.

    either way, your always welcome to attend any future study sessions, discussions etc. that i am involved in : )
  13. by   nurs2014
    I just sent my FB request, and I can't wait to get home and check the mail!