Bristol Community College, Fall River Campus - Applying for the nursing program.

  1. Hey everyone!

    Currently trying to apply to BCC in Fall River MA and I missed the deadline to start the nursing program for this fall but I'm trying to get things together to definitely get in Fall 2012.

    The admissions office wasn't helpful at all. I drove an hour and a half to meet with admissions, take a tour and hand in paperwork and when I had arrived they said I needed an appointment and could only do a self guided tour . They weren't pointing me in the right direction but I found someone who told me that I can start some pre-requisite classes in the meantime to help me get into the nursing program.

    Next week I have to take the placement test, in September I will be attending an information session and October I am taking the TEAS exam.

    If I place low in the placement test will it take me longer to acquire the specified classes for the nursing program? I've been out of school for a while and I don't know how well I'd do.

    Does anyone know the pre-requisite classes I should take for the nursing program at BCC that would better my chances of getting accepted?

    I'm a single mother of a 1 year old and currently pregnant having a baby this January and would have to take time off of school and wont be able to do some classes.... what are the typical days/hours of the pre-requisite classes full time? Nursing program classes full time?

    Any info will help!

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  4. by   Sheryl18
    The prereqs have to be done when applying for the program, or in the process at least. A&P I, ENG 101, PSY 101 all have to be done and have a B- or higher, I may be forgetting one, I'm trying to remember off the top of my head. You had to have Algebra I and Chemistry with a lab and have a B- or higher, those can be from high school too. It would be nice to already have A&P II, Micro & the 2nd PSY course done too, but those can be done while in the program if necessary. Although I believe most people entering have all courses but the nursing courses done. You will also need to have the 2nd ENG, HST & a math course too. All the info is on their website, you should read all about it before applying.
    Good luck!
  5. by   KB87
    The new thing there is you have to take bio 121 before you can take a & p, and they added a css 101 class that must either be taken by the end of your first semester of nursing if you begin fall 2012, or if you are applying for fall 2013 it will be a pre-req.