BHCC students and TEAS V Scores & discussion - page 2

I am applying to BHCC and I just took the TEAS V, it was so much harder than I could have imagined! None of the science questions that were in the practice tests were on it and I can't believe they were asking questions about... Read More

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    Oh YEY, my profile is also changed to Nursing Program, Evening Option and anticipated completion date is 01/2015 And I was able to register for classes. I REALLY, really, really hope that means I am in. No letter yet, but doesn't this pretty much say it? Anyone still can't register?

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    My profile has also been updated and I was able to register. No letter yet tho. I spoke with a woman in the nursing department and she told me that the orientation is scheduled for Dec 20th. If that is accurate then we should get the letters very soon. Hopefully we have all been accepted and I will see you at orientation. I will let ya know if I get a letter either way.
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    Hi everyone... I am finishing my 2nd semester at bhcc rn program...i got a 95 in math, 96 in english and 99 in science on the teas and currently have a 84 avg...i had a 4.0 when i applied...the program is highly disorganized and aggravating...good luck all
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    My letter is here! I've been accepted for the Hybrid Program so check your mail box too!
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    Got my letter yesterday! Oh that was nerve wracking. I am so excited. So sorry for those who didn't get in!
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    Can anyone help me? I am so confused about the science portion of the TEAS V, I'm hoping to get into BHCC RN for Fall 2013 and I'm so confused about what to study!
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    did you get in??
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    Hi everyone! I was just going through this thread and wondering how everyone likes the program so far?

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