BHCC 2012 Fall Acceptance

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    Hello Fellow Applicants!!

    For now it's just a waiting game...... It's absolutely killing me! Good luck to everyone!!

    Let me know when you hear anything and I'll do the same.

    I did go into my BHCC Student Evaluation online, and it's showing Nursing and General Concentration as my options. Not sure if this is good sign or not. Trying really hard not to get my hopes too high.

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    Don'tStress. I actually called BHCC today to see if I could get a estimated time frame for when acceptances will be made, only because I am trying to put off sending a deposit that is rather large and non refundable to another school, as well as pay for a summer class that is required at another school. I was informed both by the nursing dept and admissions that the nursing committee has still NOT met, and they are unsure as to when they will meet and the acceptances will be determined.

    On the bright side, Fall nursing orientation is mid May, so the acceptances have to be before then! And they give you a few weeks to send in a deposit and confirm your seat, before the orientation.

    I would guess before the end of this month, but do not hold me to it!!

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info!

    Good luck to you as well!
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    I stopped at admissions before class, and the girl there told me that letters should be out by the end of next week. Then a girl in my class told me that her advisor told her they would definitely be out by the end of April. Either way, they are coming... Like I said before, EVERYTHING is heresay......
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    Lets hope she is right! Either way, they are coming...sooner than later. Not today though, already got my mail!
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    Moved to MA Nursing Programs for more response.
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    hi everyone. I applied for Fall 2012 also @ bhcc. My TEAS date wasn't until March 26th, so I'm not really surprised that they have not met yet. I cannot remember when the last date was for TEAS testing, it might have been mine or I think it could have even been the 29th or so of March. I know from reading the forums from last semester that students applying for Spring 2012 did not receive their letters until the first week of January. Meaning that is highly possible that we might not get any letters until after the semester is over (anyone who currently goes to bhcc should realize by now that they have a significant lack of funding for their administrative processes anyway, so this would not be too shocking). I know its frustrating because a lot of us have applied to other schools including myself that are trying to decide whether or not to respond to other acceptances :-/. So I wish you all luck if you are struggling with that.

    Where did/how did you find out that the orientation was in mid-May?

    I have also learned from older posts that having 'nursing' under your program evaluation in mybhcc has absolutely no bearing on whether or not you will be accepted. It pretty much just means that your application to the program has been processed and is complete.

    How'd you all do on your TEAS? I got a 92.9 in reading, 80 in math and 75 in science (these are my individual adjusted scores NOT my percentiles). I know the percentiles were different so I'm wondering if that just means how we stack up against others that have applied (under where it says 'program'), right?

    Good Luck Everyone!
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    I asked one of my professors when the nursing decisions are usually made, because like you, I am holding off on responding to other schools. She informed me to go down the hall and see the nursing secretary. I know we can not post names here, but her name begins with N! She is the person who schedules the meeting for the admissions committee, sets up pinning ceremony, etc. (This is all according to the secretary now..) I was told the nursing orientation is around 5/20, for Fall 2012. So, given that, they usually give accepted students a few weeks to "confirm" their seat and send in a deposit.

    I do not have my exact TEAS Scores handy, but my Reading was in the 80's, Science in the 80's, and Math in the 90's.

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    Do you have any idea how much the deposit is?
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    I have no idea, sorry.

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