Berkshire Community College

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    Anyone knows anything about the Nursing program at this school? How many gets into Nursing and how the course is graded? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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    sorry I can't really help, I am trying to get into GCC tho and I've tried posting here looking for other GCC applicants and recieved no response I'm guessing BCC is similar in size to GCC tho and I know GCC only takes 40 per year. Check if BCC runs information sessions you will get a ton of information there that you cannot find anywhere else. good luck to you
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    Best of luck to you too. Thanks
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    I think they accept about 40-50 students a semester and doesnt recieve to many applicants so getting in is probably doable, at for getting in you need a pretty decent GPA but they never told me just how good, so I'd shoot for the top because I have heard of people trying for years to get in and not doing so but they could of been a B/C students. The bonus is as far as I know, there is not a waiting list. The attrition rate isnt that high so I'd assume that its not a horribly rough program and there NCLEX pass rate is about 85%, which I actually feel is a good thing because maybe they dont focus as much on the books or NClex as they may do in Clinicals, after all one of the best hospitals in the country is close by, but thats all a guess. Im not worried about a test if I make it that far. Thats all I really know from an outside perspective with alittle research. Also they have a good RN-BSN bridge with UMass so it would be pretty easy to work while completing that online.

    Im wondering though, does anyone actually know about the program iteself. Has anyone graduated from there or have a better perspective on what the program is actually like? I've been searching like crazy with no clue.
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    I actually applied to Berkshire for Fall 2010, I'm still waiting on a reply which I should be getting within the next 2 weeks. I researched the school and I do know that it is hard to get into, they take students in every year not every semester. I am trying to find out how they grade on theory and clinicals because I made the mistake of going to a Nursing school that based most of their final grade on theory. I really need to find someone that knows about this place.
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    Well I guess I'll be figuring it out the program fairly soon, just recieved the acceptance letter for BCC so I'm good to go. If you got in, expect to be recieving some certified mail soon . By the way, are you already taking classes at BCC, because I do remember they did say they gave alot of weight to current students over people transferring in, alittle secret one of the people let me in on.
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    Congrats !!!!!!!! I'm soooooo jealous waiting is killing me and I know letters for GCC are still 2 weeks out well best of luck to you
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    I always knew that all schools take their own before they take the outsiders. I 'm worst because I'm transferring in from out of state so I really didn't have my hopes up about this school, but because I have all of the classes and all I need are the clinicals I gave it a shot. I will let you know if i do get it.
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    I got my letter from Berkshire a couple of days ago and like I expected I wasn't accepted, despite the fact that all I needed from them were the clinicals because I have everything else. I guess I'll try again for next year.
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    Sorry to hear, it might not be to late for other programs, perhaps Southern Vermont College? You'll get there, dont sweat it.

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