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Anyone knows anything about the Nursing program at this school? How many gets into Nursing and how the course is graded? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!... Read More

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    congrats bgmayagi for getting into the program at berkshire, let me know how things go in the program as you progress, i want to see if i should still apply for next year. in the mean time i will look into the college you suggested and at other schools also. good luck!

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    Quote from goldbla19
    I got my letter from Berkshire a couple of days ago and like I expected I wasn't accepted, despite the fact that all I needed from them were the clinicals because I have everything else. I guess I'll try again for next year.
    This is exactly where I will be when I get there...I'm so scared...where did you end up getting in at? I currently have everything completed and only need my clinicals. I have a 3.5 GPA, and I am transferring from WA state.
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    I tried to reply to you, but it wouldn't let me. Other ideas would be wonderful, What were your stats at the time that you applied for Berkshire the first time?

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