applying to Quincy College part time program for Jan 2013 - page 8

Hi, Is anyone else applying to this program? The application deadline is July 15. I am planning to apply - now trying to figure out how I can take the prerequisites in time! Ryan... Read More

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    My lab coat is 1 size smaller (men's size) than my scrubs. My scrubs are actually pretty loose and I could've gone one size down, but I like it a bit loose. I didn't even realize that we need to wear lab coat 'til I got the lab sign-up sheet...I would've ordered an extra one.

    I don't know about the assignments, but should be able to find out more next Tuesday (I'm going to the Quincy campus) I hope.

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    Thanks for your input on the lab coat,
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    I will order a size down from my scrubs! Good luck Tuesday! Did you start the reading yet?
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    Quote from armywife80
    I will order a size down from my scrubs! Good luck Tuesday! Did you start the reading yet?
    Hope the size would work for you as well. But you can always ask them when you call...they may know even more.

    Yeah I started reading the fundamentals book. It's quite a bit of stuff. I'm not sure where those videos are though, so I guess I'll find out more when she goes over them. Have you started?

    btw..are you taking any other classes this semester? I'm taking History online...hopefully it's not too much.
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    Yes, I've started the reading and I am assuming the videos are on the disc that came with the book- I just haven't played with it yet. I am not signed up for anything else this semester but you have reminded me to make sure all the core coursework I had done in my BA transfered over!

    What history class are you doing? I'm sure if you stay on top of everything you'll be fine- the program technically calls for multiple classes this semester
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    I'm taking US history 101 (online). I never took history in college (avoided it with at all cost)..hee
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    Ha ha too funny. I couldn't tell you which history class I took, but I distinctly recall suffering through it so hopefully it carries over! It was labor intensive! Did your English comps carry over? My freshman seminars have obscure titles, so I'm sure I will have to dig up an old course catalog (as I've had to in previous transfers). Ugh.
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    yeah everything carried over except the computer course because I took it about 15 years ago. I took QC's intro computer course online last semester. QC seems pretty good about accepting transfer credits so you should be fine.
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    Here's hoping! I will have to take intro to computers and psych 101..... Based upon Tuesday night, I may consider adding one of those to this semester....

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