Anyone starting at Bay State in the fall???

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    Heyy all! I got accepted to Bay State's nursing program! I know they only accept 32 students so just wondering if anyone else on here got in!!?? They say start your study groups early right?? Haha, thought I'd reach out early!

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    I am worried it isnot accredited are you not?
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    I was at first, but I am not at all anymore. They are a brand new program so they couldn't get their accredidation until they've been a program for at least a year. They are being followed/watched/monitored by the company that gives them the accredidation to make sure they will qualify/are doing the right things to qualify and they have given great reviews. After my first year of the two year program the school will be accredited and when I graduate it will be from an accredited school! Cross my fingers that I graduate, haha!

    Did you apply there?
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    I also got accepted for fall but I was worried about the accreditation you are definitely right. Well I guess thats it. I am waiting to see if I get into another ABSN program I applied to if not I will be there in the fall.Have you taken all your pre-reqs?And have you heard any reviews about the program?
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    Awesome, well best of luck to you in getting in!
    I still haven't heard from a few other programs yet but this was the one I wanted to go to. They have done such a nice job setting up the program and spent good money on some great equipment. I also love the small class size.

    I have taken both A&P I & II as well as Microbiology. I already have a bachelors degree as well so the gen ed classes all transferred which was great. This way I can really focus on the nursing courses and clinicals because I have no experience in the medical field. Have you been able to take any pre-reqs?

    One of the girls in the grade above me in high school is attending the program right now and she loves it! That definitely helped me make my decision as well.
    Do you live in the city? My biggest worry is the commute in. I live in Norwood now and I can take the train in but I'll probably end up driving!
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    That is great news.I also waiting I guess makes two of us.Yeah I have taken all those classes so just like you I will be taking only nursing classes which is great.I was once a home health aide and i also volunteered at the hospital for 2 months.
    I am also worried about the commute.I live in Stoughton and I was planning to take the train.Would you do that as well?Did you by any chance apply to curry?
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    Yeah I'm considering taking the train in. The commuter rail is like two minutes from me, but it doesn't come as often as the T so I'd probably drive to the closest T station. I am really hoping that I can still work a little bit so I'll probably drive the nights that I have to work if its possible anyways.

    I did not apply to curry-I also applied to Laboure, MassBay and middlesex.

    Awesome! Julia (from Bay state) was telling me that a lot of the accepted students are in the same boat as far as classes go. For instance, first semester I only have one class to take! They are trying to see if one of the classes in a later semeseter can be moved to the first so I can be a half time student.
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    I was accepted into Laboure as well. They require I take all the science classes including some general ed classes.With them I donot start nursing classes until fall 2011 eventhough I will be taking my science classes.It will take 3 years or more.I cant do that.I just had a baby so I will most likely work part- time.Did you already get the class schedule?
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    Not the class schedule exactly just which classes were taken what semester along with the classes that were accepted as transfers for me. So that way I know what classes I won't have to re-take.
    Congrats on the baby!!! Yeah I'm hoping to work part time as well. I just waitress but it seems to be the most flexible thing for me right now!
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    I see.Thats good I am trying to get a job as a tech at the hospital still looking into that.With the transfer thing did they send you a letter of whats accepted and whatnot? Did you meet with either Julia or Kathi in person? I did a phone interview did you?I did not meet either of them.So for you the one class in the fall do you know how many times a week that is?Did you apply for Financial aid yet? Kathi was saying for clinical they normally give your first choice which us great.Did you get a formal acceptance letter from them?

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