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Anyone starting at Bay State in the fall??? - page 3

Heyy all! I got accepted to Bay State's nursing program! I know they only accept 32 students so just wondering if anyone else on here got in!!?? They say start your study groups early right?? Haha,... Read More

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    Hey--all that sounds great and I look forward to meeting you on the 30th! I'm all for the study group as well!
    I am not sure what company they are working with for their accredidation?

    I applied for the presidential scholarship and there is an essay you can do and hand in at accepted students day, but you may have to accept fully with a deposit before they offer it to you??? They didn't offer me any of that until I did the deposit so I'm not sure how it works. I also have a previous degree so I won't get a lot of aid either. I need to keep looking for available scholarships in the area! Best of luck!
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    I had to leave early on 30th did everyone in nursing class attend?
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    I actually didn't make it to the accepted students day! I'm so mad because I wrote the two essays for the scholarship haha! How did it go? I guess I have to get up there to register for classes. I think she said its June 21st.
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    I had to leave early didnot get the chance to meet other students the scholarship was for everyone starting school in the fall so it wasnot worth it I didnot bother but I completed the presidential one which is a guarantee.I didnot get into Curry so I will be there this we have to register in person?
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    Awesome! Well at least we know one other person in the program! Thats another reason why I wasn't so worried about not going; because I knew it was for all the accepted students and not just nursing students.

    I believe we do have to register in person. That is how Julia made it sound. I wouldn't mind getting a tour of the campus anyways. I don't know where the library is or the cafe or anything? So I am thinking I'll try to schedule something with Julia to get up there if I can't go on the 21st.
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    Yeah that sounds great do you mind if I emailed you that way we keep in touch until school starts.
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    Yeah of course!! My email is
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    Hi there,

    It looks like this thread hasn't been used in a while, but I figured I'd take a shot just the same. I'm applying at Bay State and was just wondering if either of you ended up attending Bay State, and if so, how do you like the program so far? I'm in the middle of the application process, and I'm certainly hoping the school will be a good fit. Thanks!
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    Hi Justin,
    we both made it to the class of 2013 and I would say things are going great. I love the program so far. Any questions just ask and I will answer good luck
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    Hi everyone! I know this posting hasn't been used in a while, but I figured I'd try to ask some questions. What is the application process like? How competitive is the program? What kind of grades/what made you competitive applicants for the program? I'm hoping to apply to Bay State and just trying to figure out my chances of being accepted. Thank you for your time!! =) =)
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    Hey I'm researching Baystate for school but my gpa suffered a bit due to a TDY do you think I should apply or retake the classes and get my gpa up I'm 24 and I don't want to waste any time
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    Hey did you eventually get in