anyone from middlesex community college rn program - page 30

Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for 2010 evening program. I... Read More

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    Dawn, did you take intro to stats last fall in Bedford?

    Everyone else have you seen all the stuff on blackboard? There is alot there, the syllabus was posted today, all these instructions on how to access different websites needed throughout the year...etc. There is alot to do before we even begin,, Phew!

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    Lyn - I did see it and printed it all out. I just finished up all the online registrations and the clinical placement module orientation (that took a bit of time).
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    Thanks Lyn for letting us know about all the info.
    I printed it all out too. is anyone semi panicking yet with all the things we have to do, plus the readings, plus work!!!
    I really am stressed already. I only work 3x per wk but every waking minute will be tied down to school work.
    I am looking forward to begin but I guess im just nervous.
    One more week we go!!

    Patno, what was that clinical orientation thing about? I couldnt seem to open it on my computer.
    Do we have to have it done before we start classes?
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    Hi Lyn...I have not taken intro to stats is my ONLY pre-req
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    oops...I pushed send too fast I have not taken Intro to's the only pre-req I have left to do and frankly, I am dreading it!! Math scares me
    I have seen all of the stuff online on Blackboard...I am starting to get pretty anxious!! And excited!
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    Oops I thought you were someone in my class... It wasn't that bad. I'm terrible at math and I passed with flying colors! It's a different type of math, it's applied math you can use it, or at least I have found myself using it for work. I wouldn't worry too much about it.


    Looking forward to meeting you...
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    Has anyone done their clinical assigment ticket yet? I did the online orientation part, but I didn't know if i should go ahead and do the clinical part yet? Anyone?...
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    I did! All I did was enter where it was and who the instructor was which is on blackboard.
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    Ok guys, im lost. Dont know what your talking about. I saw the clinical orientation thing on blackboard and when i opened it, it was a blank page.
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    The part I wasnt sure about was where my placement was. Im at Rivercrest deaconess and it wasnt on the list, only Emerson Hospital was, so I typed in Rivercrest Deaconess, Concord.

    Erindel- I know you need to have all updated software, like java, adobe reader etc... perhaps you need to download new sofware or use a different browser instead.

    Good Luck to all today!


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