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Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for 2010 evening program. I... Read More

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    Hi KristaC1208 -

    I am on the wait list for the day program, anxiously awaiting mail. I am thinking my chances are pretty slim though having my application complete July 2010, but one can hope!

    Good luck!

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    Erindel- yeah I have called the school I have not spoken with Camille directly about the letters, but I did speak with someone and all they could tell me is by the end of June. I know they will be here soon I am just anxious to know if I am in or not.

    LakerATP- I had my application complete in April of 2010, but when I got my acceptance letter it said accepted for spring 2010 so I'm hoping that means spring 2012. Hopefully with the TEAS test being a requirement we will be getting accepted sooner. Keep us posted when u get your letter.
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    hey guys i just wanted to share some helpful websites you may like. the first is called it will help with all things related to dosage calculations and nursing math. the next is this has info regarding aspects of nursing, different specialties and care plan help, clinical help, etc..

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    Good websites!
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    I am very excited to say I just got my acceptance letter for Spring 2012! Anyone else starting in 2012?
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    Congratulations Krista! The time will fly by until next's only six months away! Good luck to you!

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    That is great Krista! I am still (im)patiently waiting for my letter...ugh!
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    Thanks Patno! I hope your summer is going well....

    KristaC congrats!!! Im so happy for you... since you are a class behind us, you can ask us any ques u may have about the first semester and im sure we would be glad to answer and help u out.

    LakerATP, hang in there ok... Hopefully your letter is right around the corner.
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    waitlisted. DAMMIT.
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    Ohhhhh Laker, I am so sorry....... I do know how u feel. The best thing, which is the hardest thing, is to just wait... Itll go by quick, and u never know u may be called off the waitlist early, u never know!! If you dont already have your cna license i may suggest that could be something to obtain. Do you have any prereqs left to take? Or maybe you can take classes towards your BSN if u plan on getting that in the future.
    I do wish you a happy summer though, and again im sorry you didnt get the news you were hoping for.


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