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Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for... Read More

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    Hi Katherine, first off i would like to say congrats for getting through the program and i wish u luck during the next three weeks and on the nclex!! i appreciate your comments and right now i am in the first semester evening program so i have a long way to go.... What clinical sites do u go to during the third and fourth semesters? have you been following through each semester by doing nclex style questions to get yourself ready for the actual test? i am assuming the amount of care plans increase as each semester goes by. in january we will be going to new england rehab or tcu in holy family hospital, i hope to get NE rehab. How do you feel in the role as nurse manager and med nurse? thats a big responsibility... have many students dropped from your class since the beginning of your program?

    i know im asking alot of ques but its nice to have someone else to talk to whose farther along in the program. well i hope to talk to u again soon... thanks again....


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    Hi Erin... I'm glad I'm able to give you a heads up on what is to come...I wish I would've had someone to tell me what to expect as I went along, it probably wouldve decreased my anxiety about the unknow a bit...During third semester your clinical sites are Med-Surge @ either Lahey Clinic or Emerson hospital, i went to Lahey, highly encourage it the nurses there are absolutely great. The other rotation is Psych and it is at the VA in Bedford, you may be placed in the locked psych unit or the outpatient unit. Fourth semester clinicals are the med surge, management, and community. (For community you choose where you want to go at the end of third semester.) I went to Dracut High for school nursing, Billerica House of Corrections for prison nursing, and the wound clinic at Holy Family Hospital. I've actually found the ATI website very helpfull to help prepare for the NCLEX, I've heard from people who have taken the NCLEX that the ATI format and questions are very similar to the NCLEX. So, the ATI online practice tests and books are pretty helpfull....After your second semester, you actually don't have as many care plans, I'm thinking this is because they feel at that point you can think it through in your head and talk it out, instead of spending so much time looking things up.... Being Charge Nurse and Med Nurse is definately a big responsibility, you spend many hours looking up all the patients (total of maybe 6-8 patients) and giving report to your fellow students about them. If you are well prepared it will go smoothly. In fourth semester, you can't use your med sheets anymore, so when doing med pass in Med Surge, those meds have to be memorized along with side effects, assessments along with the med, and reasons why the patient needs it.... I know its a lot, but don't worry throughout all the semesters you learn the necessary skills and confidence in yourself to do all these things and eventually it all comes naturally.... About the clinicals since you are in the evenning program, I'm not sure how much the clinicals rotations differ from the day program, but I dont think it can be too different... We lost about 4 students in the first semester, and about 7 in the second, lost 2 in the third, but some LPN's joined, as of now in fourth we have lost 1, and some are in clinical warning....At this point probaly a little over half of us survived the journey....Its sad to see so many students not make it, but many people don't understand that nursing school will completely take over your life... If you put all your mind and love for nursing into it you will get through it... Good Luck :spin: any other questions as you go along let me know
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    Wow so much info and thanks for the insight.. sounds exciting to me as each new semester unfolds. I actually read some of the info in the ATI book. The questions are helpful. We will be doing basic meds first and I can't wait to learn them and pass them to the patients. My weakest thing is math tho. Do u have math tests each semester like we do in first semester? I know it'll only get harder, esp calculating drip rates and such..
    Did u guys get a rotation in the OR and ICU? I'm curious about those fields. Have u thought about what field of nursing you may be most interested in? Well keep in touch and let me know how the rest of the semester goes for you....
    Thx again, Erin..
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    Math will be on every single exam you take during the program. Its kinda really important, during your semester breaks try to practice some problems. Memorizing the formulas is key once you have that down, your 3/4 of the way there. Unfortunately we don't have any OR, ICU, or ER rotations, because their considered areas of advanced nursing. In the last semester, some lucky few get to spend a day either in the ER or ICU shadowing a nurse just to get a feel for it, but thats about it. I've always wanted to be a Labor and Delivery nurse, I currently work as tech in L&D and at a OB/GYN doctor's office, so I'm hoping I can get a job in that field....But the nursing job market is tough now, so I might just take what I can get.... Let me know how everything goes.
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    Labor and delivery is a nice area to work in. I work as a pca in preop/pacu. I should practice more math.. well enjoy your week and I will catch up later with you....
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    Hey Krista I too am starting in 2012 however it will be in the fall
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    Hi all , I got my letter I am starting in the Fall of '12 anyone else starting then?
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    Hi everyone, I've already applied to the program, but I'm dying to hear about my application status. I've already called them 2 weeks ago, and they said they should be mailing out the letters for this week, and I'm debating whether I should call and ask them again, or if I should wait. All of your stories have been very motivational for me, and have learned a lot! I can't wait for this journey to start.
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    Hi guys. Goodluck with getting in. I started last fall and I am in the evening program. Its good so far but a lot of work. Try to gain some exp outside of school as a can if u can. It'll help a lot with cert and clinical. Erin..
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    Wow! I am so excited and anxious to start <3 I cannot wait. This upcoming thursday we get to sign up for courses and get measured for our scrubs? How much do they run? If anyone has an idea?

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