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Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for... Read More

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    Thanks Lyn, I actually do need to update my computer. Its so old.
    Well goodluck today!

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    Rivercrest is actually Rivercrest at Emerson Hospital from my understanding. Which would explain why Emerson was the only one showing up. I think they are going to go over all of this with us come our clinical orientation, but we are just over achievers haha!
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    Caught by surprise today! Got acceptance package to the January 2012 day program! Hooray!!!

    for anyone following this board, my application was complete July 22, 2010.
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    Congrats Laker!!! Im so happy for you... Its a great feeling getting that package in the mail. We just had our orientation yesterday for the fall program. Alot of info and reading already so be ready to work your tail off when January comes around.
    Enjoy this semester and again congrats and welcome to nursing!!!
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    Congrats! What a great surprise to get in the mail! Good luck with everything and keep in touch.
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    Im panicking...I got all my stuff out at work last night to get organized and misplaced my access code for Fundamentals. I am going to freak out!!! Does anyone know if I can get another one since its a new book? PLEASE let me know!
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    I am sorry that hsppened. the only thing I can say is let the teacher know, but i believe you may have to order another one online.
    Just give all your stuff a thorough look through once more.. I hope you find.
    See you tonite!
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    Hello! How has the fall day program been going for those that started? January will be here before I know it - I welcome any advice and/or tips!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving (and break to those in the program!)
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    Hi laker... goodluck with the program in january. Be ready to read read and read some more! School is going well, four more weeks till semester break.the teachers are nice. The clinicals are either in concord near emerson hosp or in bedford. Its all long term care first. You should do well, be organized and stay on top of things. Go over basic math, fractions, conversions between systems, and dosage calculations.
    Enjoy your thanksgiving!!!!
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    Hi everyone I am new to this forum. I am currently finishing up my last semester of nursing at MCC (3 more weeks!!) I am in the full time day program.... Thought I would give you some info about what to expect on finishing up your journey as a nursing student. You will have a nursing issues course in addition to the regular NCA 2 course work, in this class you won't have any tests, but you do have about 4 papers to write. Clinicals include Nursing Management (you will be the charge nurse, for all the patients your fellow students have for one day, and the med nurse on another day, giving meds to all the patients assigned for the entire group). Med-Surge and Community are the other two rotations. You will prepare your resume, and start freaking out about NCLEX... At this point you are very independent, trust the skills you have learned in past semesters, and don't be afraid to ask if you are not sure about something (some students have been dissmissed on the last semester, for not meeting the clinical requirements).... If anyone has any questions about any of the nursing semesters @ MCC, I will gladly answer them... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
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