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Anyone at MCPHS FNP

  1. 0 Hello everyone,
    I am new to this, but thought I would introduce myself. I am a 3yr Maternity RN going to MCPHS in the fall to persue my FNP. I was just wondering if there was anyone else who is either going or will be going and had any tips or anything to share.

    I am excited to start my graduate degree and I am currently comtemplating transfering to the ER or float pool to grab some different experiences.
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    Hi amelia ok.

    I will be attending MCPHS in the fall for the NP , I'm excited and a bit worried that I can't find others out there who will be attending or have any information on this school and it's program.
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    hi ameliaok. how's the np program at mcphs?
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    I'm wonder how is everyone doing ? Do you like the program ?
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    Hi Chaya! I'm in the ABSN program at MCPHS currently, if that's helpful :-)
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    Hi CiaMia,
    How are you? I heard the program is really hard and many students fail the class ( I have a friend who felt her last nursing school twice.) I want to apply for FNP program there due to the price and location. Have you heard anything about the FNP program and how hard to find preceptorships.
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    A couple of quick questions before I answer properly!! Are you applying direct-entry? Are you already an RN?

    I know some of the faculty on the Boston campus, including for FNP (because I'm in the accelerated post-bac program, I'm not on that campus) and love them. MCPHS has overall really been nothing but supportive of me though everything I've needed from them.

    Speaking for the accelerated BSN program, we definitely did lose people from our cohort after the first semester (which is the toughest, it's a front-loading model and then you go out on clinical placements). All but MAYBE one of them are still in the program, just delayed for a semester while they work through whatever it was that wasn't 'clicking' for them. It's definitely tough, but not impossible.

    Let me know the above and hopefully I can help more! <3
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    Thanks CiaMia,
    I am already have BSN. I am still new nurse but I want to continue my education(before I get lazy). Are you currently in Worcester?
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    nope, I'm in Manchester!
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    Oh I see.