Anyone apply to Bristol COmmunity College nursing for 2013?

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    I am an applicant for the fall 2013, is anyone else waiting to hear?
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    Moved to the Massachusetts State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    I applied!!
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    Any idea when we are going to find out! I called admissions on friday and they said 1 to 1 1/2 months? The last 2 years people found out this week! So nervous!
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    I applied also.. (im)patiently waiting )
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    yes i applied too.. hows everyones gpas? i transferred from massasoit n have all my prereqs done but have only taken one semester at bcc and they only go by bccs gpa, so mines only a 3.61 but i got an 82 on my teas and have only nursing classes left what about everyone else?
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    Doing my last 2 pre-reqs now... They use a point system for the 5 required admission courses.. Not so much a GPA only.. They also said May, letters will be sent out.
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    I have a 3.8 at bcc, but I have a bachelors from another school in business, and that gpa is not so wonderful I have everything done except micro. I have no idea what to expect?
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    yeah i have a degree from massasoit and my gpa there was 3.75. i think they take all those courses and give you a number depending on your grade like an A is a 4, B is a 3, etc.. im hopihg my cumulative score is high enough to get in.. i just checked my DW and it says my last audit was today but no major change =( n holy crap MAY?! i feel like it gets later every year... are there any other schools around fall river that i could apply to as well without exceeding the deadline? i have my heart set on bcc and never appliee anywhere else and i dont wanna wait a year to start nursing.. is anyone elses DW recently audited too?
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    And teddie if you take micro at bcc, do NOT take *****, shes terrible! her tests are very hard, almost like trick questions with more ten one answer
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