Anone else apply to Simmons Dix Scholars? - page 8

I sent in all my info and am just waiting to see its been received online. After much soul searching and trying a few options, I know this is the right program. My fingers are crossed. Good luck to... Read More

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    Congrats mjo07!! Is simmons your first choice?

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    Quote from kiki617
    Congrats mjo07!! Is simmons your first choice?
    Thank you! yes it it
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    I just called and they told me my application was in it's final review and my letter should go out in a week or so.....I hopefully I'll know soon!
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    Good Luck!!
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    Thank you!
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    I got a rejection letter yesterday :-( good luck to everyone else tho.
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    Bummer keep your head up and keep trying.

    My letter will prob be here today since it changed online a bit ago.
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    Im sorry, not sure if I asked but did you apply anywhere else?
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    I applied to curry college and i think i might apply to the Quincy college ADN as well. I know i won't hear anything from Curry till at least May. So more waiting for me.....
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    Good luck with Curry! A friend of mine is planning to apply to the ADN program at Quincy, according to her it's a good program

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