A&P 1-2 grades

  1. I live in MASS and I am not sure if I must get an A to have a higher chance on getting accepted at nursing program. I got a B for A&P 1 (I could have done better) I got 90's for the first two exams then I gave up.. ha ha. I can retake it and probably get an A, but not sure if worth it. I am currently taking A&P 2 and I might get a -B or B. If I get a C+ or -B I might retake it. I wasn't prepared this semester.

    I don't know how it works in Mass.. do they pick the one with the highest GPA or?
    I don't mind retaking this courses, it wasn't that bad plus I know what to expect
    I'm happy with a B. I'm actually a B+ student. My GPA is at 3.45. It might drop a bit.
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  3. by   HairIsOptional
    I am finishing my pre-req's and I have to retake A&P 2. I live in Western MA and at my school, you need a C+ or higher for it to count towards the nursing program. I received a C- the first time around. However, when applying for the nursing program, they do look at grades when accepting students into the program. It's your choice if you want to retake it to get a better grade. Our advisors recommend that students take them over but it's ultimately your choice.
  4. by   EduardoLugo
    Thanks! I am sure you'll do better next time. I know a B is considered a good grade, but while waiting, I should retake this courses. I will make sure to write that on the entry essay, that I will retake these courses to get a better grade. I will start with A&P 2, then go for A&P 1. I guess I didn't study hard. It shouldn't be that bad since I know what to expect. Are you trying to get an A or B?