Writing a resume for UMSON with no health care experience?

  1. I am planning on applying to the CNL program at UMSON for Fall 2012. I am starting to get things together but I am having trouble with my resume. I already have a bachelors degree in criminal justice from the University of Maryland and I have a lot of relevant experience towards that degree, but i don't have any health care experience. What should I include on my resume for nursing school? Should I list my previous government internships or leave them off?
    I am currently a waitress/bartender so I guess I could relate customer service on my resume.....Also should I include an objective statement? If so, would I say my goals for after nursing school?
    I've tried looking online but they all seem to be examples for nursing graduates...

    I know I seem clueless but it is hard switching a resume that was completely ready for one major into a resume for something totally different....Thanks for any help!!
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  3. by   SB113
    I wonder about this, too! Do I attach my resume that I use when I am applying for a job? What in the heck type of resume am I to create?! I think this "sounds" to like a bigger challenge to me than my statement of goals

    I hope current applicants, or even students, can help us out!

  4. by   tippeny
    The resume was the biggest challenge for me. I have applied for the Spring 2012 semester and it must have taken me the better part of a week to get it finished. I am fortunate that I have a close friend who is a career changer, like me!, who started nursing school a year ago and even came from the same job that I had had. I took some of her ideas and added a few of my own.

    The majority of my career experience has been as a musician in the military, so that was interesting to have to tweak for a normal resume. I have also been a stay-at-home mom for the past 3 years, so that went on there too.

    My sections were: summary of qualifications, education and training, professional experience, military experience, awards and honors. It may have taken me forever to get it 'right', but I am really happy with the way that my resume turned out.

    Hope that helps a little bit. Good luck with your applications!
  5. by   KBJ0426
    Thanks so much for your help!