1. 0 I am worried that an old petit larceny conviction from 2005 in Virginia will bar me from obtaining my RN license and employment in a hospital. The Virginia expungement laws are very strict, so this is not an option. At the time of the conviction I was a mess, dealing with a major eating disorder, depression, and engaging in very self destructive behavior. That convicition was a wake up call that I needed help, which I received. I haven't even received so much as a traffic ticket since then. I'm just so worried that one stupid mistake is going to bar me from becoming a nurse and helping other people. That one mistake does not make me a bad or dishonest person. Has anyone been in the same situation as I am or know anyone that has been and can give some advice. I would be really grateful.
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    Before getting too upset please contact the MBON for factual information about your particular case. Good luck.

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