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I'm currently in MI and hating it like crazy. MI nursing programs are very sparse here, and there are not many at all. I would like to move back to MD, and I was wondering if there were long... Read More

  1. by   PennyLane
    Quote from LadyKLibra
    Thanks so much for the feedback. UMAB sounds great but at my age, I really wanted to go to a 2-year college. Glad you told me about CCBC - I have all of my pre-reqs from another college but I might try there anyway. How far along are you in their program?
    I graduated from UMB last year. There was a wide range of ages from 19-50s. I was 28 when I started and the younger students (19-21) were definitely in the minority. There were lots of students in their 30s and also in their 40s. Wide range of backgrounds, too, from ex-military, stay-at-home moms, and the business world.
  2. by   BernadetteRNBSN
    hello, i am a graduate of UMB (university of maryland at baltimore) not UMBC. Anyway I absolutely loved going to nursing school there. If you can hold out and try to get into UMB. It is well worth it. Well maybe not the research class, but everything else is great. UMB made me very proud to be a nurse today. any questions about the program, email me. b-
  3. by   Mysister
    Why didn't you like the research class?