University of MD CNL Spring 2011 applicants

  1. hi i know its early, but i just got all my stuff for spring 2011 cnl program at umb turned in. i didn't get accepted to the bsn for fall so i am applying for the cnl for spring. any other applicants out there yet?
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  3. by   dlc5

    I have also applied for the CNL program for Spring 2011 + need only my final reference to have file completed and ready for review. According to an email from admission office we won't get an answer till November (approx. 8 weeks from deadline--- no rolling admissions).

    I guess I need to submit 2nd + 3rd choices/ contingency applications for TSU and possibly JHU. Appears I need 1 additional Chem. course to qualify for either program.

    I plan to attend another info session Monday 6/21 (BSN session not CNL) I went to one back in 2008 while just starting prereqs, but did not "tour" the facility at that time.

    Good luck.

  4. by   hmbarnes1981
    Good luck to you as well! Yes, I dont like the idea of taking another chem course lol. Thinking I am going to also apply to aacc, ccbc, bowie state
  5. by   MissM472
    hey all!! I am planning on applying for spring 2011 as well. I have been to 2 info sessions, but haven't toured the facility. I still have to take nutrition and a&p II, sheesh! *wipes forehead*
  6. by   dlc5
    Hi All,

    I went to info session yesterday. Good information. Facility is nice- labs, classes, gymn and student center in same area. I had previously attended info sessions so not a lot of new info., but facility seems decent and everything right there. Looks good.

    Meaghan George did the info. session was very nice/ positive, has provided any needed info. via email on prior correspondence as well.

    Waiting game at this point till Mid-November.
    Good luck.
  7. by   Jaysie1
    Don't know if any CNL applicants are still browsing this thread, but I just wanted to wish you a congratulations if you have been accepted! I am in the final stretch of my first semester of the CNL program and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. There are some folks on this site who kept me sane (well, that's relative) during my application and orientation process, and I thought I would pay it forward. Please let me know if I can help- you can DM me if you would prefer.

    Congratulations again and good luck!
  8. by   cookiemonstress
    Hey CNLstudent,
    Very excited cuz I just got my admissions packet last week,and wanted to find out from you what life's like as a CNL student.Also wanted to DM you,but wasn't sure how.
  9. by   Jaysie1
    Congratulations on your acceptance!

    Life during the first semester is quite intense, as I'm sure you have already heard, but it is 100% manageable with the right support from home and the right CNL friends. I honestly could not have made it through this semester without the support of "my girls" in my lab group. We all helped each other, supported each other, and vented to each other. No one else will understand what it means to be a nursing student at UMB but you, so make the most of your time there and you'll see that you will make friends for life.

    Deep breaths, get some sleep and eat healthy, and hold on to your hat- it's going to be a wild few months ahead! You won't BELIEVE how much you will learn in the first semester. It's amazing!!! You'll do great!

    Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  10. by   augustdayz2
    I just found out today that I have been accepted into the CNL Program Fall 2011!! Over the next couple of months I will be preparing to relocate to the Maryland area!!
  11. by   Spydarweb
    Quote from augustdayz2
    I just found out today that I have been accepted into the CNL Program Fall 2011!! Over the next couple of months I will be preparing to relocate to the Maryland area!!
    So how is life at UMB during this first semester in the CNL program. I just got interviewed and I hope I get a positive response from them. What do you think about the program? Please just give me a general overview of what it's like (i.e if you have the time -chuckles).
    Please share your experiences