University of Maryland Spring 2012 CNL Applicants - page 7

Hello! Are there any people out there who have had their interview with UMD CNL Program and waiting to hear about acceptance? I had my interview last Thursday and I am now in the hardest part of... Read More

  1. by   karebear123
    check tripadvisor
  2. by   SNL00
    Thanks! They are allowing me to interview via telephone. what a relief...I am in the process of changing careers from being an accountant after my unsuccessful attempts in getting into medical school. I rather be in the presence of patients than reconciling accounts and preparing tax returns.

    Does anyone know what type of questions they ask for the writing sample? Any other interview question? I am kinda nervous for my upcoming April 11th interview. They are only accepting 55 out of 90 that are being interviewed. I so badly want to relocate and pay cheaper tuition than here at St. Louis University SON CNL program.

    Thanks in advance
  3. by   karebear123
    Awesome!! I'm curious to know what the writing sample is all about. Hopefully it wont be too challenging since we only have 20 minutes to complete it.
  4. by   karebear123
    How was the writing sample?
  5. by   morenan12
    Hello, I have an interview with Fran Valle for the CNL coming up and was wondering what type of questions they ask during the interview and for the writing portion. Anyone that did the interview please help.

  6. by   karebear123
    Morenan, did you already have your interview? If so, how was it?
  7. by   karebear123
    Hey guys,
    Best wishes with your interviews for UMD CNL program. Has anyone heard back yet?
  8. by   sherbert
    If I wasn't asked for an interview should I assume I haven't been accepted??
  9. by   karebear123
    Maybe you should call admissions to check on your status...have you checked online to see what your status is?
  10. by   sherbert
    My decision is still "committee ready" I sent an email but they never respond so I guess I should just call. I am afraid to hear their response though :/
  11. by   karebear123
    Hey guys, I think decisions have been made for UMD CNL... check your status online!!
  12. by   SNL00
    I'M SO EXCITED, I GOT IN!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!. I checked my application status this morning and it said DECISION MADE-ADMIT-INSTITUTION. After my interview, my interviewer said it would be 2-3 weeks til I will know something. I was on cloud 9. I also called the school to confirm and she told me congratulations. She was in the process of calling all the admitted students. So congratulations to all who got in and will be attending. See you soon!
  13. by   karebear123
    Congrats!!!..see you soon!