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Hey! Anyone planning on applying to UMSON for Spring of '13?... Read More

  1. by   amc074
    Wow already!? Congrats!!! What campus? I'm still at committee ready...
  2. by   sandiego25
    Baltimore campus. It changed online, to admit-institution
  3. by   sandiego25
    Thank you dear. It changed online to admit-institution
  4. by   lisnur
    Omg omg omg it says Provisional-Admit for mine!! Does that mean that I got in as long as I finish all my pre-reqs??? : 0
  5. by   mdtransplant
    Just got a call! Provisional-admit means they need your final transcript once you've finished whatever course you're currently taking. Congrats, everyone! I'll be at Shady Grove!
  6. by   amc074
    I got in! Baltimore campus! So excited!
  7. by   celinaconejo
    Hello, I am at the Shady Grove campus and I'm in (: yay
  8. by   sandiego25
    congrats dear
  9. by   ktthepenguin
    I wasn't sure if I applied for the main campus or for Shady Grove, I just did the general application. How do you know which one you guys are in? I got accepted, but I wonder which campus.

    Note, I saw the change online, maybe the phone call will tell me which campus. I'm fine with either one!
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  10. by   Blacksapphire 18
    CONGRATULATIONS to all that got accepted!! Mines is still pending so my figures are crossed, the best of wishes!
  11. by   csl87
    I got in also! Provisional Admit. I am so excited to start
  12. by   celinaconejo
    Normally I think you have to select one prbly Baltimore as default. Not sure though, definitely worth asking.
  13. by   alm10
    My application is still committee ready, I am checking it every few minutes. The wait is killing me!