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Hey! Anyone planning on applying to UMSON for Spring of '13?... Read More

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    Don't worry about your background check now. At orientation you will get more information about it and also before you start clinicals.
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    Just keep checking the website for orientation dates for Spring 2013. It takes a little while to get updated. I know you are all excited and want to get everything done on time b/c that's how i was in the summer.. good luck guys, enjoy your holiday because when school starts you will be a busy bee!
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    My status is "committe ready", (I have applied to SG campus, too) and I havn't got any call or letter. But I am sure Grey Lady will be calling us next week. So I am keep it positive!
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    Quote from nlucero
    Thanks and just out of curiosity what campus did you apply to?
    I'm at the Baltimore campus.
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    hey for those who have been accepted do you want to go ahead and start a facebook group???it would be a nice way to introduce ourselves and stay updated until the semester starts
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    Great idea!!! I don't know how you do that kinda thing, but I would def join!
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    hey niqu92, add me to facebook and let's make the group! Search and add me!
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    okiedoke im adding you right now lisnur
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    ok so i created the group guys so just search UMSON spring2013 and send a request to join the group!
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    Cool now we just need other people to join!

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