UMSON, Fall NO ONE applying?! :) :) - page 8

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Am I in the wrong place?? I would think that there would be a lot of chatter with the deadline being tomorrow! I am sure there are oodles applying. Now...where is everyone?!... Read More

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    I hope grey lady gives us insight (:
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    Has anyone registered for the CPR classes yet? I think I am going to do it through the American Red Cross.
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    I haven't registered yet, but I also think I'm going to do it through the Red Cross. Has anyone taken it?
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    Did you guys already get notified?
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    not me... still says committee ready. just thinking positively i suppose!
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    Phew my heart almost sank. I'm taking the MC first responder course but it's not red cross cert /:
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    Man let me tell you, I'm ready to burst into tears because I thought perhaps my page wasn't refreshing and everyone has been called!!! I envy those with positive attitudes, I'll admit that!
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    I haven't heard. I just wanted to change the topic. I have to take the course for my back up schools, so I figured I would sign up. I guess I will also square away my shots. Taking care of the things I can control will keep me sane. Did anyone hear back from any of their other choices yet?
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    Hopefully we'll hear tomorrow! Last semester they got accepted on a fingers crossed for good news tomorrow!
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    I thought someone said last semester was on a Tuesday? I then think if not tomorrow, they won't do it on Friday because God forbid… It's Friday the 13th. Then it puts us into next week…