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UMSON CNL Spring 2013 hopefuls

  1. 0 Hi I applied to UMSON for their CNL program for Spring 2013, has anyone else applied or get a call for an interview yet??
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    I did. I called the office last week, the lady I spoke with told me that we should be hearing back within the next week or so. I keep checking the application status. I'm so afraid I'm not going to get in. =(
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    Moved to Maryland State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I have applied to the CNL program and had my interview on October 11. I did not ask when they would let me know by, but hopefully its soon! I hate the waiting.
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    Can anyone share any information on the CNL program acceptance for Spring 2013? The wait is killing.

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    Still waiting for CNL..... My online status is still "Ready for Review". Ah! The anticipation is driving me crazy. Trying to be patient!
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    Still nothing
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    The only reason for the delay that I can think of is that the admissions office wants to complete the offers/waitlists/rejections for the BSN candidates before moving on to CNL. They are larger in number, and did not go through the intermediate interview process like we did, which could have produced a shortlist. I am happy for the accepted, and pray for strength for the rejected.
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    Friends, I just checked my SIMS, I have been accepted!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all success also! I will not be able to sleep tonight
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    Hello, anyone else on this thread applying to Spring 2014 CNL program? For anyone already in or finished the program, I would so greatly appreciate any insight given on the interview questions or writing prompt, I have my interview coming up and am a nervous wreck! Thank you! Feel free to message me!
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    I have my interview tomorrow for Spring 2014. i'm nervous too and don't know what to expect. What is your status?