UMSON CNL Fall 2012 Hopefuls? - page 2

Just wanted to start a thread for everyone who applied for the fall 2012 CNL program to keep in touch and maybe, hopefully, meet some new classmates :confused:...Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    Yayyy! My interview is set for April 9th at 10:30am! I'm extremely excited but also so nervous as to what they will ask.... like SNL00 said, if anyone has their interview soon could you give us a heads up?? Good luck to everyone!! And May definitely is late! I was hoping to hear an answer by the end of April so I can prepare for tuition! O well what can you do?

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    Oh! and I also just found the same board where the CNL applicants from last semester were talking about their interviews and they said the interview was extremely short and basic. And they might actually do the interview first before the writing sample!
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    Is anyone else going to the open house this Saturday. Also, they are going to have to let me know before May because I have to give my decision to Hopkins and I'm already leaning towards Hopkins. I hope they wow me this Saturday.

    What is every else's reason for going to get a CNL rather than a BSN at somewhere like Hopkins.
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    If I have not been asked for an interview should I assume I haven't been accepted??
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    Had my interveiw 2.5 weeks ago and I'm on pins and needles... Of those interviewed, does anyone know how many they ulimately accept and when we might be finding out? Here's to seeing each of you in class in the fall! -Sam
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    I asked someone and she said there are 50 seats and about 69 were scheduled to interview .. She said they don't always fill all 50 seats but that this time they had a strong applicant pool.. She also said some people will drop before their interview... She said we should hear back by the end of April so I'm assuming the end of next week... This is definitely the worst part.. I hope this week goes by fast! Oh and she said she will be the one personally calling people when they get in but it seems like if you don't get in they will just mail a letter or something
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    And how did everyone feel about the writing sample? I feel like my interview went fine but that I completely bombed the writing portion :/ I think I was too nervous!
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    I was told by the secretary that there were 82 interviews and they were accepting 55. She said we should find out by th end of this week hopefully! I am so nervous !
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    Well I definitely hope its by the end of the week but that makes my chances less slim if the secretary was right...I asked nicole willhide which is the assistant director of admissions so I hope she knew what she was talking about!
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    Yayyyy!!!! I'm in I'm in I'm in!! Good luck to everyone!! I'm sure they will make calls in the morning.. I just found out through sims

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