UMSON CNL Applicants

  1. 0 I posted this over the student section but just realized it might do better her.

    I just went to the information session on 7/9 and it has me even more excited to apply. I will be applying for fall 2013, so I have a ways to go.

    A little about me:
    I have a BA in psychology and a 3.33 undergraduate GPA. My cumulative GPA (3 different colleges) is a 3.74 with a pre-req GPA of 3.99 and a science GPA of 4.0. I still need to take micro (already pre-read the book), nutrition (which the community college might have stopped offering GRRRRRRRRR), and chem 101.

    I work full time in the ER as a patient registrar and in my free time compete in powerlifting, take dance lessons, volunteer at the SPCA and VA. Oh, and I sleep and eat at times also.

    I'd love to hear from others applying. We can help each other out during this stressful application process.
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