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Hello everyone! It's my first time posting on this website. Just wanted to see who else is applying for the BSN program for Fall 2013? Any advice for new applicants? :)... Read More

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    I have a question for Grey Lady:
    what are the odds for an out of state applicant? I understand from a few conversations with admissions that Maryland applicant get priority. are there spots left open also for out of state applicants?

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    An out of state status is not an issue. Yes, because Maryland is a land grant college it must admit a certain percentage of in state students - I don't know what that number is. But I do know that so many Marylanders apply - thanks to a very affordable in state tuition rate - we have never had to worry about it. So, no - we do not even bother to lable an application "out of state" and there is no quota for out of state students. There has not been a need for one.
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    Hello, I have a question: How many students are admitted into UMSON?
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    The Baltimore campus takes 80 to 90 BSN students and the Shady Grove campus takes about 50.
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    Does anyone know about when they are going to tell applicants if they are admitted or rejected?
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    The admissions office said April. From the looks of it, last Fall's applicants found out about 2 weeks into April. I wouldn't expect to hear in March. I'm getting anxious as well though because I am hoping to go to UMSON, but receiving pressure from another school to commit. I'm going to hold out for UMSON's decision though.
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    Grey lady,
    I have applied to UMSON and my application seems ready for the committee, but I have a huge problem in that I only got 60% on the teas. Do you think this could be a factor for me to get refused? What are the chances that I have to get into the program with this teas score?
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    Hi Grey Lady,

    Another question. I understand that it is important to maintain at least a 3.0 in all remaining prerequisite courses if we've been provisionally accepted. However, what if someone had earned at least a 3.0 except for one course (in which case would be a passing C). Would that person automatically be rejected?
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    I'm getting anxious to hear back! can't believe we still have a few more weeks till decisions are posted
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    we tried, so just let it be!

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