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Hello everyone! It's my first time posting on this website. Just wanted to see who else is applying for the BSN program for Fall 2013? Any advice for new applicants? :)... Read More

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    The admissions office said April. From the looks of it, last Fall's applicants found out about 2 weeks into April. I wouldn't expect to hear in March. I'm getting anxious as well though because I am hoping to go to UMSON, but receiving pressure from another school to commit. I'm going to hold out for UMSON's decision though.
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    Grey lady,
    I have applied to UMSON and my application seems ready for the committee, but I have a huge problem in that I only got 60% on the teas. Do you think this could be a factor for me to get refused? What are the chances that I have to get into the program with this teas score?
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    Hi Grey Lady,

    Another question. I understand that it is important to maintain at least a 3.0 in all remaining prerequisite courses if we've been provisionally accepted. However, what if someone had earned at least a 3.0 except for one course (in which case would be a passing C). Would that person automatically be rejected?
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    I'm getting anxious to hear back! can't believe we still have a few more weeks till decisions are posted
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    we tried, so just let it be!
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    Me too I'm still "complete ready for review," but I'm already losing sleep! Hopefully, whatever decision they make is for the best
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    Hello! Just wanted to encourage everyone here to remain calm during these last few weeks of waiting it out! The last time I had to apply for a special program in college, it took the administrative program leaders looking at our portfolios an extra month to decide who got in to the next level and who had to leave the program. They only had about 70 applications to look at... I am so thankful for this thread because I can see that all of my anxieties are quite similar to everyone else's! Best wishes and good luck to all of you who have applied to UMD SON, and to those who will apply in the future!
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    Me1988 - Your 60% TEAS score is not a good one but if it is a total aberration from the rest of your application, it won't automatically reject you. It will depend on your competition. Nermface - For those of you who receive a provisional offer of admission, you are guaranteed your seat IF you receive all B's on any transcripts for courses you had not completed by the application deadline. One C could definitely cause you to lose your seat.
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    Do we also have to receive all B's even if the classes we are taking are not requirements for the Nursing school? I'm taking Physics 2, Biomechanics, and an EKG class, but I'm a little worried about physics :\
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    I'm getting pretty nervous. I am wondering if the Fall 2013 applicant pool is more or less competitive then previous semesters...?
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    Quote from saaniasiddiqui
    Do we also have to receive all B's even if the classes we are taking are not requirements for the Nursing school? I'm taking Physics 2, Biomechanics, and an EKG class, but I'm a little worried about physics :\
    No way to tell for sure. The school has the right to rescind your offer if you do not earn all Bs. Period. They would likely do that if you are considered borderline, that is, if you just barely made it. They would also look at the applicants who are also close and compare your application packet against them. However, it would also be considered that you are carrying a heavy load. In any case, there are so many good applicants that there is no issue about filling all the seats. Some applicants have delayed sending in their last transcripts in the hope that the last bad grade will not hurt them because there won't be enough time to admit someone else. Very bad strategy. They will not be rewarded for it as it somewhat indicates a measure of dishonesty. Please get that B.
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    Hi Grey Lady,

    I'm wondering about the length of UMSON's program. Is it possible to do it in less than 2 years? Is there a summer option? Or are classes only offered in fall and spring?


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    Did anyone else apply to the RN -> BSN online program at UMSON?