UMD students - what Chem did you take for prereq?

  1. I took Chem many, many years ago. Apparently, UMD requires Chem within the last 10 years. So Montgomery College offers 2 that I think may qualify. One is Principles of Chemistry and the other is Survey of Organic and Biochem. I'm leaning towards Survey of Organic and Biochem which says its for those in the allied health and I figure it may be good to apply to alternate schools that want a class that covers some organic chem? Although I just want to make sure I take something that they count.
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  3. by   AprilAnney
    This website will tell you the transfer equivalents from schools within Maryland.

    I ran in to the same problem as you. I took a lot of chemistry at University of Delaware when I was there... but I took it 10 1/2 years ago! I'm retaking Chem 111 @ AACC this semester and it satisfies UMSON's Chem requirement.
  4. by   leenak
    Thanks so much! I wasn't aware of that site. I was able to do a search for the nursing program and it spit out 3 courses for me: Montgomery college CH101 or CH135 or CH103
  5. by   AprilAnney
    That site saved my butt! I was looking around for what chem courses offered at AACC satisfied UMB's chemistry requirements and just happened to check out the nursing program search that you mentioned. I thought that my Eng 112 credit from AACC would be enough for their Eng 2 requirement (I took and Eng 1 equivalent at U of Delaware) so I didn't think anything of it. I just happened to notice the day before this semester started that Eng 112 doesn't satisfy their requirement and I was luckily able to sign up for the proper Eng course in the nick of time.