UMB Spring 2011

  1. 0 Has anyone else applied?...what were your TEASE scores?
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    Yes I'm trying to apply, but certain things aren't showing up in my "Application Summary" (quick link here, if you need it

    I think they're just swamped right now. Has everyone else already completed the application process?
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    i have completed my application process it says comitee ready
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    I just sent in the balance of my documentation yesterday (8/30) via FedEx; so hopefully my "Application Summary" gets updated within the next day or two (or three) to "Committee Ready". My composite TEAS score was an 87, which I believe is around 95-96th percentile.
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    Ok mine went to "Complete Ready for Review". Is that sort of like "Committee Ready?" Now we just have to wait 2 and a half months!
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    i got a 77.1 i hope its good enough because they had no more slots for me to retake it
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    I would think that would be sufficient assuming you have a competitive GPA, solid academic references and possibly some applicable work experience. From what I hear, the admissions committee places a lot of emphasis on the science GPA and the written statement. With regards to the latter, first and foremost they are looking for the candidate to articulate his or her passion about nursing.
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    well then thats great because i really do have a passion for nursing and i have experience at the job that i am at now. as for my science grades i have straight B's so i hope that works out. I am still taking my chemistry and nutrition at AACC so i guess ill have to send those grades when the semester is over.
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    I am taking nutrition at AACC as well...that is my last prerequisite.
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    oh ok what time is your class? we might be in the same class.
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    I have in the Tue/Thu class from 11:00-12:15; Professor Karen Israel.
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    yea we are in the same class!!
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    so what do you think of the class thus far? who do you have for CHE111?

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