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I am applying to Towson's nursing program for spring 2013 and am SUPER nervous. I have a 3.71 GPA but my advisor told me that may not be good enough :/. My parents told me I should apply to UMB @... Read More

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    There isn't a wait list number. You wait until the end of semester and if your taking any courses you submit your official transcripts. At that time they will look at the number of accepted applicants that turn down there acceptance and they will pull wait list applicants according to GPA solely. The highest will get the first pull until all the slots are filled. Good luck everyone!
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    Got my letter today and I was waitlisted as well. At least I was not rejected.
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    Ugh, still no letter. This is frustrating! I called to ask if anything happened or it somehow didn't get sent. I live so close to campus so definitely doesn't make sense...
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    does anyone know of people who were accepted into the nursing program but not the university itself? also, does anyone know how many male students are in TU's program? Thanks, and good luck to all!
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    72 spots
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    Thanks. I meant if anyone who got accepted in the nursing program actually did not get into the university, since it's two separate applications...
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    Sorry, I was answering your second question...but NOW I see you said male, hahahaha. Totally missed that part!I have a meeting tomorrow, I could ask if you want
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    haha. no problem. so you work at TU and have a meeting with other nursing dept. people?
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    Sort of work there and no, I'm meetin with admissions since I'm thoroughly confused about my wait list status
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    SB113 let us know what you find out about the wait list status as I too am confused. Do you know how many people got put on the wait list? And I still don't know what to do about paying the deposit for admission to the university. I don't want to pay if I don't get into the nursing program.

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