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Towson University Sp 2013 BSN - page 6

I am applying to Towson's nursing program for spring 2013 and am SUPER nervous. I have a 3.71 GPA but my advisor told me that may not be good enough :/. My parents told me I should apply to UMB @... Read More

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    Thanks. I meant if anyone who got accepted in the nursing program actually did not get into the university, since it's two separate applications...
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    Sorry, I was answering your second question...but NOW I see you said male, hahahaha. Totally missed that part!I have a meeting tomorrow, I could ask if you want
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    haha. no problem. so you work at TU and have a meeting with other nursing dept. people?
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    Sort of work there and no, I'm meetin with admissions since I'm thoroughly confused about my wait list status
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    SB113 let us know what you find out about the wait list status as I too am confused. Do you know how many people got put on the wait list? And I still don't know what to do about paying the deposit for admission to the university. I don't want to pay if I don't get into the nursing program.
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    30 people were wait listed
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    Wont know anything until the fall semester ends. They will pull wait listed students according to calculating how many spots are opened after November 5 when the letter of intents are due. After decided how many students accepted the offers and declined offers they will know how many wait listed people have a shot at a spot. The students with the strongest GPA will be pulled at the end of the fall semester.
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    Which I think it should be GPA at TIME OF APPLICATION!
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    I agree!
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    Here is some helpful info from Mrs Necker for those of you on the wait list or not accepted :

    - We received approximately 200 applications for 72 spots for the spring program at Towson.
    - The average Cumulative GPA of admitted students is a 3.498, the average Science GPA of admitted students is a 3.540 and the average TEAS score is a 79.66%. The applicant pool was extremely competitive. The combination of the cumulative GPA, science GPA and TEAS score are important.
    - The admissions committee heavily evaluates the above academic factors when making admission decisions. Additional admission factors include trend in grades, number of repeated courses, a large number of prerequisites remaining and grades in previous nursing courses if applicable.
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    I met with Mrs. Necker this morning and it clarified a LOT! Not that it made me feel any better (actually worse since I had my GPA totally wrong!), but at least I am a bit clearer on how things are done.

    She did tell me that YES, there are males who have been accepted (didn't ask for a number) and YES, there are some who in the past have been accepted, but denied admission to the university.

    She truly is a great person to talk to!
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    Well, I've noticed that a few people that got accepted into Towson were accepted to UMSON so I'm sure more slots will open for Towson waitlisted students.
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    Has anyone heard anything from B.Necker?