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Hey everyone, I have applied to Towson's BSN program for spring 2012...has anyone else applied and or heard anything as far as acceptance yet? I know that they are supposed to send out notifications at the end of October.... Read More

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    Yea sure but it was the one on the website when you sign up for it... I don't have it now but when I get it I'll be sure to let you know.. Btw as far as sciences it would be the first chem class you took 105 and the first bio class I frogot what it's called I think 119...

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    ok that is cool I am just going to get it online appreciated
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    For those of you who got in, what were your grades? I'm considering Towson for nursing but I'd like to know how difficult their program is to get into. I'll definitely work hard but straight A's isn't exactly easy
    Also, is there anyone already in the program who would like to share their thoughts on it?

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