Student Nurse Externship vs. Student Nurse Residency? - page 2

Today I went to a discussion about the UMMC's summer externship program. Apparently it's a residency program? It just seems so amazing with what you do and that you will be exposed to. I didn't think... Read More

  1. by   Agrippa
    I did the SNR and am currently in the clin scholar program for my practicum. It has been fantastic thus far. I learned more during the SNR than I did all throughout nursing school. I don't know if that reflects well on the program or badly on my nursing school .

    So yes, I like it. I will be working on the unit of my choice. 18 months is nothing - it will take me at least that much to feel totally competent in critical care anyway. If you're interested in trauma and critical care, theres no other place in the region where you will experience what you can at UMMS. Perhaps at Hopkins.