Stevenson University admissions

  1. ANyone care to share their experiences applying to Stevenson University?? I already have a previous degree and am interested in getting a second bachelor's in nursing. I already turned in my application but I'm super nervous!!! What if I don't get in??
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  3. by   Jules A
    I think as long as you can pony up their high tuition you are golden. I've heard its not hard to get in and they have a reputation as being very flexible for adult learners with lots of online classes etc. Good luck.
  4. by   SiennaGreen
    I didn't realize that they had a second degree BSN.
  5. by   SnoopysAunt
    Peaches, I'm a second-degree student in the program now. Just started this summer. I am a part-timer. From what I've seen there are a variety of students in the program from super over-achievers to just plain average students... I don't think that it is that difficult to get in.

    Send me a PM if you want to know more about the program. To sum it up, I can tell you that if you can get into a state (i.e. cheaper) school, that's a MUCH BETTER option.
  6. by   honeydippeaches

    THe cost is what's making Stevenson my last choice if I get in. I dont forsee too much of a problem with me getting in because I applied super early and have good grades. And I know a girl who had a worse GPA than I did and got it. But my concern is the cost. Even if I was willing take out that much money in loans, I've been going online and looking at banks...and there are just NO private loans available!!!! And I'll only be able to get 12, 500 in stafford loans!

    I wanted to do the full time 2 year program to get done faster, but if i feel like the part time program is more feasable/affordable because at least I'd be able to work more. What do you think?
  7. by   SnoopysAunt
    Peaches- They also just unrolled a new curriculum this semester, and many of us are struggling. Some of my classmates have tried to talk to the administration, but we haven't had anything positive come out of it. I am disappointed because I am spending so much money there and I feel like I am getting nothing out of it. And I am a very strong student.

    Here's a tip for you, and something I wish I would have done sooner-- talk to your prospective schools and find out WHO is teaching the classes, how long they have been in practice and what their backgrounds are....

    I am KICKING myself for not considering Towson... (MD was originally my first choice) but I missed the app deadline because it changed in the past year and I wasn't aware of the change-- I had been working on prereqs for several years). Towson has a Nurse Practitioner who is part of the first semester program... and I think that's pretty cool.

    At Stevenson, there's a 10k difference between full and part time, and that's why I ultimately decided to do part-time...
  8. by   Jules A
    Imo its almost always a better option to work and pay as you go rather than racking up huge debt while in school! It is expensive but their online program has a great reputation from older students and I have heard they will let you take any of your gen-ed stuff at a community college to save money. Good luck.
  9. by   SnoopysAunt
    There is no online program with the traditional BSN or second degree BSN Program. TO do that you have to be in the RN-BSN program, meaning you have to have your ASN first...