Springfield hospital center and Sheppard Pratt

  1. Hi. I have been an RN for 9 years in med-surg and cardiac areas and I wanted to shift to psychiatric nursing to extend my knowledge into this area. I currently live in Maryland and applied to Sheppard Pratt Ellicott city and Springfield Hospital center. Anybody who has experience working in these settings? How is it? How is the level of stress, work load, patient:nurse ratio, and nursing camaraderie. Will appreciate any input. Thanks!
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  3. by   Rook
    GF works at Sheppard Pratt. Its a decent hosp. 8hr shifts only. Extremely busy in the AM, night shift is pretty dead from what I hear. She works PRN though (gets as many hrs as she wants) and she said that she would never work full time there through because they really screw full time workers scheduling wise.

    Sometimes they'll hire PRN workers without exp if you want to try it.
  4. by   MrsTaz
    I too am interested in Sheppard Pratt as well as Spring grove being that I've worked as a psych RN for about 3 years. 1 year private industry, 2 years state of VA. I pretty much have the same questions as you had. Any info would be helpful
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  5. by   TerpGal02
    My good friend works at Springfield. High percentage of forensic pts, its a state hospital. Mostly psychotic disorders and TBIs, lots of code greens but she says its a good crew working there.

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