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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm currently in an ADN program and would be finishing up mid August 2014. I have been looking up RN-BSN programs in MD in particular Stevenson, UMD and Towson. I am getting the feeling that at this point to do which is a trauma nurse I need a bachelors. I have contacted some of the advisors and understand that they look at all of your transcripts and the Teas test and maybe an essay for a few. I was wondering if anyone has done these programs and what were their scores and GPA's. I would like to do the online program but I would need to work too. I have most if not all my pre reqs from other schools so it would just be the nursing courses. I am also wondering what the schedule looks like. Do you do everything online but go to a clinical site once a week for the online program or what?

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