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Been working ICU, cardiothoracic and addictions, community liaison, case management, home and community care but opened my own business for 3 years (stopped nursing) and nothing but crickets for jobs... Read More

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    what are you going to do and where are you relocating to in PA?

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    I am an RN with 15 years of experience and unable to find employment in MD. I have a strong background in emergency medicine, have applied to hospitals, clinics, outpt centers, you name it, I have applied. I own a home I can't sell, my money is running out! I cannot work agency because I have been out of the "clinical" area for 2 years working in Transplant. I am ready to just walk away from everything and move far away!! Any suggestions? Please?
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    Just general advice - try networking with your colleagues. From your 15 yrs of experience, you must have tones of ex-coworkers all around the area. Most jobs are gotten by word of mouth. G-luck.
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    Got a job; 2 hour commute but this is the great recession so what can I say? :O)

    PA has jobs, MD doesn't. Very few in MD bother to respond (I've always been the one they were clambering over in the past). I'm just happy to be able to fund my groceries!

    I've heard networking gets jobs but I don't know anyone who has actually gotten one that way (despite what the articles say). All my jobs were from the paper or online...then networking may get you brownie points after the interview...not sure.
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    34 years experience, work in multiple specialties

    took me 14 months to find a job

    this was well worth the wait, EXCELLANT benefits, salary, working conditions, and schedule

    what MORE could I ask for? YES, it is a 30-45 min commute depending on the day and time, but all else considered I am very HAPPY

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