Nurse Intern/CNA Position with St. Agnes

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    Please can anyone give me some information about St Agnes hospital. I am interested in working there as a CNA/nursing student next summer after fundamentals and I would like some information about the pay,application process,the staff and any other relevant information.

    Finally,I would appreciate any information about other baltimore county/city hospitals I can check out.

    Thank you

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    I just went to an interview there last week. I expected it to be sort of community hospital-ish...(whatever that means...) and I got my hat handed to me!!

    They were really sharp. I went into a small room for a group interview with 7 people there asking me questions at a round table. 2 HR people, 3 RN's from the unit, 1 tech, the unit manager. Intimidating, and not what I was prepared for.

    I have a new found respect for them though.
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    Hey Sienna,

    Thanks for your reply. What position did you apply for? On their website they say they are a teaching hospital. I have been there a number of times, even had my baby there in July. My kids and I receive our medical care there (BMS). So what kind of questions did they ask you etc. Did you apply online?

    I would really love to work there next summer so I am just trying to prepare myself.

    Thank you
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    They had a Student Nurse position open in the ED. ED is not my first choice, but it's something I'm interested in. I thought I could go, get a feel for the position, and let them get to know me; but it was hard core. I think the person they were looking for was someone with ED experiance and who knew in their heart this was where they wanted to be. I'm no shrinking violet, but I couldn't honestly sell myself on this one. I've never even done an ED rotation yet, so I don't think I was their best candidate. I think they were looking for a student nurse who had some tech experiance in ED. Very nice people though.

    Classic interview stuff. Why ED? Why you? What can you bring to the unit? Why St Agnes? Also, a few of those annoying questions, "Tell me about a time you were challenged by a clinical situation and how you handled that?" "What would your best friend say you're biggest opportunity area for growth is?" I hate that stuff. It makes me think I ought to dig out my copy of What Color is Your Parachute though and start prepping for the interview that REALLY want!
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    Thanks. Guess I have my work cut out. I know on their website they said student nurses with a cna license and current cpr should consider working with them part time. Did they say anything about the pay? I am not quite sure the departments I am interested in, but I think I would like to be an educator so I will be looking at med/surg,pedriatics. Have you attended any other interviews? I sent an email to Northwest and the recruiter just emailed me back to say after 2 semesters and/or fundamentals they can consider me,positions start in June so the application will be available in March/April. I start CCBC in the spring,but i just want to prepare myself so I can work in the summer. Of course hoping I pass
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    Northwest Hospital, I feel, has a better reputation for customer service than St. Agnes, which may translate into better employee satisfaction. Sinai also is worth checking out. These are just my impressions. I think you may be treated better at one of these other hospitals. I enjoyed my nursing school rotations at Sinai and Harbor.
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    Thank you. I contacted the nurse recruiter at Northwest and she said applications would be available in March/April,but she seemed to be hinting that they prefer someone that has completed fundamentals and possibly is in her second semester.

    I start nursing sch on the 27th and will complete fundamentals in May but I really want to work this summer.

    Did or do you attend CCBC?
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    I graduated from Howard Community College. Regarding Northwest, keep trying, cause ya never know...good luck!
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    Thank you. I will. What of Harbor,GBMC,UMMC and BWMC or any other hospital?

    Do you have any scoop/information on them? Sorry for been nosy butwhere do you work now?
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    Just for the record, most nurse intern positions require or recommend that you finish fundamentals so you can "test out" of taking the CNA test. Hospitals also consider that you have some hands on experience and knowledge at that point, versus being a pre-nursing/new student.

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