New Graduate jobs in MD,VA,DC areas

  1. Hey everyone,

    I am a new member here. I am graduating in May 2011 with a BSN from an accelerated program in SD. My first degree being Biology.I am planning on moving to MD to live with my hubby in May( Just got married). I was not aware of the difficulties new nurses face East coast and I am panicking now. Most of my classmate here already have job offers! I need a job as soon as I can. I have been a patient care tech for several years now in a nursing home setting. I am looking for anything in nursing homes and hospitals in that area. I have already contacted several places listed below for nurse residencies:

    ▪Franklin Square Hospital Center, Baltimore : email sent with resume and cover letter
    ▪University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore :email sent with resume and cover letter
    ▪Virginia Hospital Center: email sent with resume and cover letter
    ▪Children's National Medical Center : there wasn't anything open
    ▪George Washington Hospital: Nursing Extern-ship : nothing at the moment
    ▪Howard University Hospital : I applied for a position
    ▪Washington Hospital Center : email sent with resume and cover letter

    Any ideas welcome!
    Thank you
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  3. by   tgary08
    Have you completed the online applications along with sending your resume and cover letter? If not I would strongly encourage you do so. I am a NEW NEW grad at WHC and I think they do another residency program in July. So keep an eye out for the jopb listing to pop up on their website. Also try Georgetown and Sibley Hospitals in DC, I believe they are doing a residency in July as well.
  4. by   Bellissimo
    I have not applied yet. I did recieve a reply from WHC telling me that they will start taking applications in May. I also recieved a response fron UMMC informing me that I have to look online for positions not requiering experience and that they post positions every other Tuesday. So I just Have to keep looking.
    I will check out sibley hospital website. I called Georgetown but they have already selected their candidates for this year.
  5. by   Bellissimo
    Ok I applied almost everywhere. Still nothing. Any one knows of nursing homes accepting new graduates?
  6. by   chul_soo
    Montgomery General's looking for 6 new grad nurses.
  7. by   Bellissimo
    Chul_soo Thank You I will apply right now.
  8. by   chul_soo
    Good luck~! I hope u get the job.
  9. by   PrettyWingsFNP
    Georgetown has a great new grad program....although I think they finish all their new grad hiring by Feb/March. I started as a new grad there and I attended a new grad open house in Jan and was hired by Feb. They hire some new grads in the fall for a winter start as well. You may have to wait until the next new grad open house (which in probably in in the end of the summer/early fall). Contact the Nursing Office and ask them when their next new grad day is.
  10. by   Bellissimo
    Guys still nothing! I will not give up! I am taking board soon and I will get back at it
  11. by   Lev <3
    Northwest Hospital in Randallstown, MD, Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Kernan Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation in Baltimore, Howard County General in Maryland (fellowship), Bon Secours health system in Richmond, Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD are hiring new grads.
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  12. by   Bellissimo
    Thank you guys
  13. by   Pokytrokyt
    Army, I just got hired as a new grad by Johns Hopkins, to work in critical care. So did several other people from my nursing school class - in both Peds and Critical care. They start groups of new hires - both experienced and new grads - in Peds and critical care each month.

    After I got hired by Hopkins, I was also called for a new grad interview at Virginia Hospital Center.
  14. by   Bellissimo
    I do not have good news. I took my board two days ago and I ran out of time at 215 questions. I tried the PV trick and no pop up.
    I am pretty down right now. I did kaplan and Hurst but I must had failed. No job offer no board..........
    Good luck to you guys