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  1. Well I graduated in Dec, passed NCLEX in Jan and had my license posted in Feb. I have been dilligently looking all over the state (not Eastern Shore though) and nothing yet. I have interviewed with two organizations, one I got to a second interview for. I am starting to get REALLY discouraged. DH and I are living on a single income and its just not cutting the mustard. I am seriously thinking about trying to find a non-nursing job right now just to get some more income coming into this house.
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    I lived there for about 3 months a few years ago! I would think about broadening your search even into local states if that is what you need to do to get a job and get a year's experience. Good luck! Have you also looked in the paper and on craigslist?
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    Seems like the second Im about to throw in the towel, something comes through! I was offered a position today pending background/reference check with a community mental health organization locally. I interviewed for the job and made it to the second over a month ago, and I had pretty much given up on it. Very excited!
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