New CNA moving to Baltimore from Minnesota

  1. Im 22, just became certified in Minnesota and now I'm working on transferring to Maryland, while taking an acute care course at the local community college here. I have no working experience, haven't lived in Baltimore since I was a kid, but looking to begin my nursing career there in Maryland.

    Does anyone know of good places to work as a new cna? Preferably hospital setting. I have no vein puncture, EKG, or catheter experience from my CNA training, however. (I notice a lot of jobs in the hospitals there require these skills).

    Are there certain living areas I should stay away from? I'm seeking a studio to start out because online I'm seeing a lot if expensive housing in the city. ( I will also be reliant on public transit. )

    I also have 2 years of my nursing degree started but have intentions of completing my BSN maybe at UMD or TU as a transfer. Possibly doing prerequisites at BCCC...

    This a pretty loaded post but, Any comments or advice???
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  3. by   LaurieEllen1973
    Since you are still in school, why not decide on your school first. There are so many hospitals here, and almost all accessible by public transport (at the very least bus). But there are less schools, especially if you are doing BSN. If you decide on TU, St. Joseph and GBMC are within walking distance. If you go to school at Maryland, apply at UMMC. Housing is very tricky in B'more. The Towson area is certainly a safer bet than the city, and I bet you could match your price if you look. Tons of students in Towson. The university has become huge. Are there areas to stay away from? omg - most of the city, sadly. It is easier to tell you where you 'could' live rather than where to avoid. I think with all the variables in your situation, you need to prioritize 1 decision, then go on from there.
  4. by   secquoria
    Thanks for the response!

    Update: I'm going to be in the Cherry Hill area close to the light rail system. I decided to take a few courses to at CCBC to bring up my GPA as well as complete prerequisite requirements for Maryland. I'm still job searching and waiting for my CNA to be officially endorsed.

    Hoping all pans out for me. I just have to stay confident and network.
  5. by   olufemi254
    Well how did everything workout? Have you started a BSN program?

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