Montgomery College Spring 2013 Applicants

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    I just submitted my application for the Spring 2013 nursing program at MC. Anyone else just apply for the August 1 deadline?
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    I have appled for the Spring term as well!!

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    I dropped off my app on the 14th. Let's hope this works out for all of us. You all have any idea on when we'll hear anything?
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    Hey there!!!! I was just reading past Spring terms and they were notified by Oct. or early Nov., but since MC extended their deadline I don't know that we will hear that soon. I am hoping we do hear by Oct. the wait is agonizing!!!
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    I applied on Friday, Sept. 21 (the deadline). I have all the priority courses, however, my A& Ps' are over 5yrs old so I am currently taking pathophysiology at MC Germantown. I received a 72.7% overall on the TEAS, Reading 81.2%, Math 63%, Science 70% & English/ Language 73.4%. I am hopeful. I read in other posts that the average TEAS scores were 72-74% and that priority courses completed is what they look for. I have a BS in Public & Community Health from UMD, college park but I've wanted to be a nurse for quite some time. I've worked as a medical assistant and clinical tech for about 11 years.
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    Hi! It's nice meeting you! Did you apply for the first deadline? I know they extended it to Sept 21st now. I don't know if that is good or bad for us?! I am doing ok waiting but it's frustrating because they told me November but Fall posts showed October. Have you heard anything? A gf that is in the program now she said we'll hear mid October. I also heard the class this term is only in the 60's with no drops yet. A little background on me, I left my 'corporate' job in patient education 2 years ago to pursue my 3rd degree in nursing. It has always been my dream but it happened on its own path. How about you?

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    Hey there!! I applied before the initial deadline prior to the extension. I'm not sure if that is good or bad either.

    A little backgroung on myself: I am a single mother working as a medical assistant for 8 years, I love the health care field. But before I made the decision to actually pursue my nursing degree I got a desk job working with Montgomery County Government, DHHS, that only lasted 3 years and I was missing what I was doing before and made the decision to go get my nursing degree!! So here I am now working as a medical assistant in an urgent care clinic in the day and as a unit support coordinator at night at a hospital. I have completed all the pre reqs required and obtained an A.A. in Applied Science/General Studies from Montgomery College last Spring and now I am waiting to hopefully get into the nursing program!! I am very excited and hope all my hard work pays off and I can get in this Spring!!

    I just hope we hear sooner than later the wait is horrible!!
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    Moved to Maryland State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I applied on September 21st. I did not look into Montgomery College until August 4th only to see that the application deadline was the 1st for the Spring program. Then I went back to the website on around September 17th. I scrambled to get my TEAS done and all of my info together and was able to submit my application on the 21st. I called yesterday and asked when they expected to send out notifications and was told the last week of October or the first week of November. I
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    As SOON as everyone receives their letters update us online! I wish we would hear sooner since the pushed back deadline. We've been waiting since August, ugh. I am still checking my mail everyday.

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