Montgomery College Spring 2013 Applicants - page 4

I just submitted my application for the Spring 2013 nursing program at MC. Anyone else just apply for the August 1 deadline?... Read More

  1. by   MaddyG
    Wow, I better start working on all that stuff.
    I think my CPR just expired too!

    I was trying to create a Facebook group for us all to join, but it won't let you create it unless you add friends. So, somebody friend me and I'll get it set up.!/madona.leblanc
    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  2. by   btrossbach
    I have all of the required shots done and my CPR is current, I need them for my job. Does anyone know what the insurance requirement is?
    I think a Facebook group is a great idea! MaddyG I will friend you if that is ok.
  3. by   MaddyG
    Hey btrossbach! We are now friends.
    I created the group. Here's a link for everyone to join:

    Don't know about the insurance. The orientation will be very informative, I'm assuming!

    I'm so looking forward to this journey...
  4. by   btrossbach
  5. by   TxPatients
    I just joined in! Thanks for creating Maddy
  6. by   novastoy
    I just joined the group as well. Thanks Maddy for taking the lead on that one.

    I was just hired as an ER tech on the same day I received the letter of acceptance. I am hoping that I can learn a lot there, the hospital staff seem to be very supportive. Full-time job/Full-time nursing student= lots of coffee
  7. by   MaddyG
    Yay, Novastoy! I added you to the group.
    Coffee happens to be my Best Friend Forever.
  8. by   btrossbach
    I live on coffee too!! I work FT as an ER Tech at one Hospital and per diem at another. Needless to say I'm going to have to give some of this up.

    Does anyone know how many days a week the program is?
  9. by   Eramos809
    I just joined the facebook group and cannot wait to meet you all in person. I have my titers/vaccines and TB test done as well as CPR, I work in a hospital and its mandatory. I actually had a physical done as well so I am almost there!!!! I'm excited as well as nervous!!!
  10. by   celinaconejo
    Hi all, I am a first semester nursing student at MC. I, however am thinking about continuing my education at University of Maryland's BSN program. I have all the books, including the recommended ones. I am willing to part with all of them except the dictionary, nursing diagnosis book, and the drug reference guide. I can sell the rest in bulk or individually. There is highlighting in them, however I purchased most of them new. All have CD's and unscratched codes. Send me a private message if interested and I will get back to you before we both start our Spring semesters.

    Congratulations and best of luck!
  11. by   celinaconejo
    I also have a lab coat in small with the badge sewn in, 2 scrub tops size 12- I'm normally a size 8, but they want them to be extra loose. I only wore one. And I have 2 scrub bottoms size M. The stethoscope I have is a black "nurses choice brand", it has some engraving barely noticeable. Also which I am selling. Again just contact me via PM.

    If you buy all, I give you a great deal.
  12. by   celinaconejo
    It can be 2 days, or it can be three. Lecture for 110 and 105 were held the same day for my group. Clinical was the other day. 121 you can take on the same day as 110 and 105 if your schedule permits. Or you can take it on another day, making your schedule 3 days.
  13. by   celinaconejo
    You don't need to have insurance, but you must sign a waiver verifying that the school is not liable for any costs.