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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March... Read More

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    Hey everyone, I was on vacation so I just got my letter. My name is Celina, I'm 19 and am very excited to meet all of you!

    See you soon!
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    Hey everyone! I'm Annie and I also got accepted! I'm 23 years old and live in adelphi. I have been working in hospitals as a tech for about three years and decided I wanted to do nursing because I like being a tech so much. Could someone send me the Facebook link?
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    Kedacakes, how did I miss congratulating you?! Ahh less than a week for orientation! I am so excited, but nervous! I can't imagine all the new information we are going to receive.
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    Annie, congratulations! did you get the link yet? Let me know if not and I'll send it when I'm not on here through the app!
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    Hello everyone! I'm Elizabeth and I also got accepted into the nursing program. I would really like to join your FB group and maybe get to know some of you. By the way congrats to all of you who got into the program.
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    Thanks for sending me the link! I just joined your FB group
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    Could you please send me the facebook link!(:
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    This may sound crazy, but i am 17 and a high school graduate. I didn't meet the requirements the first time taking the TEAS, but i am taking it again tomorrow? Any last minute advice? Also i heard they extended the spring 2013 deadline to Aug 1st. What are my changes of getting in. I only took EN 101 this summer.
    Thank you
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    jvd90, have you taken the BI107 or other required classes? I would suggest that you take all the priority courses before applying, as I have seen/heard, many do not get accepted without having at least 3/4. I hope your teas exam went well the second time around.
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    Hello. I am also starting in the Fall. Is anyone having luck finding "calculate with confidence" by Morris? WITH the CD of course.
    Amazon and ebay seem to be missing this book with the CD!
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    Hey! The school bookstore isn't even selling to version with the CD. I brought it to their attention so we are supposed to use the online support tools and the supplemental study material in the back of the book. Because we have so much work to complete in that text for the first day of class I just went ahead and bought it.
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    Here is the link to the Facebook page for the nursing class starting this fall:
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    So you bought the book without the CD? I would do that too, but I'd rather not have to buy the book twice if I really do need the CD for class. I sent a request to join the facebook group.