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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March 20th. My first try (without... Read More

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    I can't wait to meet you too!!!!! I am so excited!!! I am going to have to leave work early that day too, because I usually work till 12.
    Im a little nervous about the background check (I don't know why....I have nothing in my

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    Sarah let us know as soon as you hear!!!
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    Thank you everyone! I need to know even MORE now so that if I am in I can figure out what to do about orientation, I really hope that they are reasonable and will understand that it is the summer and people are bound to have vacations and other things going on that they have no way of getting out of! Ugggh now I am going to stress clean my house and pray for some good news today!

    Congratulations to everyone who has gotten in!
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    The orientation is mandatory according to the letter, Sarah!
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    I got my letter!! I called and was told there is no exception on the orientation, which stinks! I'm going to just fly back the night before, attend orientation and then fly back to disney for the rest of our vacation. I have been stressing over missing a day of vacation but it seems like it is probably worth it to keep my spot in the program!

    I can't wait to meet everyone! Does anyone want to share a little information about themselves for study group/getting to know you purposes?

    I am 27, live in North Bethesda (which i am pretty sure is actually just rockville). I have a son who will be 4 on June 14th! I am an LPN but don't want to wait until next year to start school and do the LPN/RN transition sequence because I am afraid I will lose motivation or forget things or possibly not get in and put school off even longer! I really want to work in the newborn nursery and eventually NICU once I have my RN!

    Tell me about yourselves!!
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    YAAAAY!!! Sarah I am SO excited for you!!! Thats great news!!!!!!
    Didn't you say you were new to the area? When did you move here??

    I am 25 years old. I just got married last weekend and live in Washington DC in a neighborhood called Eckington. I was originally a mental health/social work major but decided to switch to nursing because I always loved it but was too scared of the science courses. I am SO excited to be finally starting this, I have wanted to be a nurse for SO long.
    I am with you Sarah...I was worried if I didn't start this fall Id start to lose momentum and loss focus.
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    Congratulations on your wedding! That is awesome! I am excited about starting as well!
    I moved here from Austin, TX in March
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    Ruby, congratulations on your wedding! I know someone who just graduaded from the mental health major, and she was not a fan of her bio classes, either. There was an article recently on DC about how it is booming with young adults these days and become much more upbeat all over!

    Sarah, I am very jealous you are going to Disney land.. world... hmm i forget which i read, but regardless im jealous! I would love to visit there. I bet your son will really enjoy himself, is the trip for his birthday?! Thats too bad you have to fly back for a day, but it is very much worth it!

    I, myself, am 24, and live in Silver Spring. I finally decided on nursing as the career for me after being employed by a local hospital and getting to see the difference a nurse made in one's life. I had originally planned to transfer into a bsn program, but last fall I realized how expensive/far/time-consuming it would be. I then set my mind to MCs program and am so excited to have been accepted and to start this fall! I also am interested in NICU or prehaps OB emergency care.... We'll see where I wind up two years from now! Do you all have FB? Maybe we can start a group on there?
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    Yeah I have facebook, I think we need to send each other the links in a private message since they sometimes remove posts with links to facebook (weird). Send me your facebook links and I will make a group and invite everyone!

    We are going to Disneyworld for my sons bday by the way! I am flying in the day of orientation arriving at 10 am and flying back at 6 pm! It is going to be completely insane!
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    Good idea!!!!

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