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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March... Read More

  1. by   Eramos809
    Congratulations Drea!!! You so deserve it....I re-checked my mailbox...just in case I forgot something but I dind't get one either....which means with this 3 day weekend I have to wait til Tuesday or maybe even going to drive me crazy

    But best of luck to all of us who still have to wait and I hope we all get the same goos news!!!!

    Redmonds that is great news thanks so much for calling and getting that info...YAY a waitlist...good to know!!
  2. by   Eramos809
    I wonder if it has to be personally delivered or do they just put it in your mailbox...this worries me cause I work and no one is home, since I live in apt. complex my rental office is so bad about getting mail and storing it safely...maybe I'll leave a note in my mailbox so my mailman knows its ok to leave it there....I guess I'll just have to wait and see....

    Again GOOD LUCK!!! and CONGRATS DREA!!!!
  3. by   drea588
    So Eramos809, i think you got my answer via text, but for everyone else, the mailman did knock to leave the letter at my home, so i do believe it must be hand delievered. If anything they leave a little notice and you will have to pick it up at the post office.

    also- there is a nurse here who teaches an NU course at mc, and in mid march they had less applications than seats!

  4. by   sarahcooper
    I hope we all get letters tomorrow!!
  5. by   kedacakes
    Less applications than seats?! I wonder why that was the case? Last year I know they extended the application due.... Maybe the BSN programs are taking a lot of their applicants...
  6. by   redmonds12
    Wow! That is crazy!! I can't believe that. I agree with you Kedacakes. I wonder if they are losing students to BSN programs.

    Drea: Congratulations!! I am so excited for you. Hopefully the rest of us will be celebrating with you tomorrow. A friend of mine got her acceptance letter yesterday, and she got in. She said she had to sign for hers, so I think I am going to wait for the mailman.

  7. by   redmonds12 mailman just came and went and no letter. Boooo. Hope the rest of you hear something today.
  8. by   sarahcooper
    It's ok redmonds12, I'm right there with you!! Today is my birthday and I really hope I get a letter, it would be the best present ever!! I'm hoping and praying that we all find out soon!
  9. by   kedacakes
    I'm sure the mail is a little backed up due to the holiday... we will all hear something by the end of the week....
  10. by   drea588
    Seriously, none of you guys yet!? I am watching to hear some good news for each of you. My chem lab partner is waiting on her letter too.

    Happy Birthday Sarah!
  11. by   drea588
    Thank you redmonds!
  12. by   redmonds12
    Drea I am seriously so excited for you. Hopefully soon we will all know. I hope we all get to meet at orientation!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!!! Hopefully you got a birthday present today or will get one tomorrow
    My aunt works for USPS and says the mail got backed up from memorial day like Keda said, come on mail!!!
  13. by   redmonds12
    Just got my letter!!!! I GOT IN!!!!!! June 11 orientation here I come!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone else starts hearing too!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    Definitely had to sign for it, by the way, so be on the lookout for your mailman.

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