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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March... Read More

  1. by   kedacakes
    Thank you all for sharing the wealth of information! I've been reading all of your post and it is truly helpful in preparing for school. For those who have completed their first year at Montgomery, around when is orientation for the program? Is it right before the semester starts or during the summer and is there anything academically that we can prepare for before the semester starts that will help alleviate some of the pressure in the beginning? Good luck everybody!
  2. by   Eramos809
    Thanks Drea!! And CONGRATULATIONS to you as well!! Good to know my titers are under 5 years old so that is great, I will most likely have to get a new TB test done and of course another flu shot for this year but I am so glad that my job gives it to me so it cuts down on mycost :spin: I'm going to get a copy of my records too now that I know there good!!! YAY!!! I will take that as a good sign!!

    I hope third stage means mailing out letters!! I check the mail everyday just hoping to hear something...I am just as anxious and cannot wait to know...but I wonder, there are many students who apply to several schools and if they get accepted to MC then decide not to go, for whatever reasons, how do the handle that?

    Many schools have a time span on a student accepting their acceptance letters then they go to waitlisted students when there is an opening, does MC have the same process?

    I just need to know soon...and hopefully soon!!
  3. by   redmonds12
    My mother in law works at Sibley hospital where MC does their clinicals, and according to someone there they do not fill empty spots. They do not want to fill spots with under qualified people, so if people do not take their spots, it is just a smaller class.

    I also called the nursing office today to find out when letters would be sent out and when orientation is. They wouldn't tell me the orientation date for some reason but said to be expecting letters really soon. But then when I said "oh okay thats great!" she said "anytime in the next few weeks". lol, To me the next few weeks are not soon. I was thinking more like tomorrow.
  4. by   Eramos809
    Redmonds12...I have to say, LOL, to her interpretation of soon!! I would have assume by this week not in the next few weeks...LOL!!

    I have to assume that maybe they do not have a definite orientation date yet or she figures you will know if you get a letter of acceptance...

    Its unfortunate they do not fill empty spots, I understand not just accepting under qualified candidates but if, for example, MC accepts 112 students but 200 were qualified, and then out of the 112 accepted only 80 choose MC there are still qualified students they can fill spots with. Most schools have wait-lists for such situations and also why they have known since April or before!

    Well I wish us all best of luck and hope to meet you all sooner rather than later
  5. by   redmonds12
    I agree...I think they should implement some type of wait list. I wonder how many spots they extend that don't get taken. I bet they do have an orientation date, they just don't release it till they send out the acceptance letters.

    I REALLY hope they get them sent out soon. I was thinking they might have them out before memorial day which would be ideal, but who knows.

  6. by   sarahcooper
    Yikes, I am hoping they get here in the next week or so!
  7. by   drea588
    Im fairly certain they do have a wait list of sorts. When I was inquiring, they say when you don't have your information in on time, they move on to someone else. Also sarahmarie mentioned fighting to keep her spot in the program.
  8. by   redmonds12
    Drea!! You were right! I called this morning (because I have nothing better to do than ask about nursing lol) and they said they do have a wait list!! Thats great to know. Im so glad to have found that out.

    ALSO.....hold your breath. I don't know if she's right or not but the woman in the admissions office told me decisions were mailed out today!!!!!!!!! That means we would be getting them next week. I really hope she's right.
  9. by   drea588
    holy cow! i really REALLY hope sooooo! thank you redmonds12 for calling and getting us this info!
  10. by   drea588
    Letters are really out!!!! Mine just came a little while ago! I'm in!!! Good luck everyone else!!
  11. by   sarahcooper
    Ahhh holy crap! I just saw this and ran down to check my mail, but no letter! I'm so upset, I really hope it comes today! Did you have to sign for it or anything like that??
  12. by   drea588
    I was just pulling up to my house and saw the mailman a few doors down and thought about stopping him. I instead went to my mailbox and checked with nothing from school. When I went inside, however, my grandmother said there was a knock at the door and the mailman left a letter for me. I tore it open and was so delighted bouncing around in my foyer. I'm sooo excited and relieved. I also can't wait to share the news with my nurse coworkers, they have been asking so much recently! Good luck!!
  13. by   sarahcooper
    Congratulations! I bet you are so happy!

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